Telstra Communications Interview Experience

Telstra Communications visited my campus for the role of IT Developer in India. Complete Hiring process was divided into two rounds online and F2F interview round.

Online Round
Online round was conducted on, consisted of two sections and was of two hours. Each section contained four questions each i.e. total of eight questions. In each section we had to solve at least two questions. In the first section’s questions were of easy-medium level and were purely implementation based. Second section’s questions were of medium level. Questions were focused on data structures and dynamic programming.
Suggested Readings: Knapsack problem, Graphs (DFS, BFS), Disjoint Set, Implementation, Permutations and Combinations

Out of 250 students who had given the exam only 10 were selected for the next round of interview. You have to solve as many question as you can. I have solved six questions completely and two questions partially.

Technical Round
Technical round was conducted on Hangout and lasted for around 50 minutes. The interviewer, the HR and a third person all joined on the hangout for the next technical round. They were mainly discussing about the projects you have done. They were looking for the confidence in the candidate. Be specific to the task you have done in your project and after giving the overview of the project explain only your part.
Then they ask me if I know Java and have any previous experience using Java in my projects. I told him about my courses related to Java (Object Oriented Methodology and Software Engineering).

Out of all the 10 students only three students were selected for the job and I am one of them.

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