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Tekion Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer Intern+FTE | On-Campus 2021

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I was interviewed at Tekion corp in 2021. It was On-campus. For the first round they shortlisted students based on CGPA. Only the students who had CGPA above the cutoff CGPA got the test link. 

Round 1(Online Test): First-round was online test that had MCQ questions and coding questions.

  • MCQ Questions consisted of questions related to OOPS, Java and Mainly related to Threads in Java. 
  • There was one easy and one hard question. Those who solved one coding question and had answered atleast 80% of MCQ questions got shortlisted. 
  • The Interview was scheduled on the day next to online test.

Interview Round 1: First round Interview was completely based on DSA. The interviewer asked around 6-7 questions based on DSA. The interviewer was very friendly and gave 5-10 minutes time to think and solve the question. The questions was mainly related to Array, Strings, Linked list, Matrix, Tree. The few questions which were asked in this round were

  1. Find max product in the array
  2. String Anagram Question
  3. LinkedList cycle detection
  4. Spiral Traversal of a matrix
  5. Traversal question with respect to tree

Main thing to note in this round is dont directly go for Optimal solution, Start from Naive approach and derive the optimal approach. Your Approach matters the most than your solution. I had answered almost all the questions in first round, So I was shortlisted for second round.

Interview Round 2:The second round was in the afternoon almost after 3 hours of first round. 

  • Second round began with questions based on project. 
  • Interviewer asked questions like where our project can fail in real world and what is the impact of project on real world. Next few questions was asked on SQL Queries. 
  • Queries were mainly based on Join. Next few questions on OS was asked. 

Then the interviewer asked 2 questions on DSA

  1. Triplet sum Question
  2. Right view of Binary Tree

After this 2 puzzles questions were asked. You can refer to Geeks for Geeks Puzzle for this because one of the puzzle was from GFG. I had answered 80% of the question so i got Shortlisted for HR Round.

HR Round: HR Round was very short 5-10 minutes. He just asked my introduction and background, nothing more was asked.

Overall the experience of Tekion was very good and I got selected for Tekion.  

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Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2021
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