Tek Travels (TBO) Interview Experience for Software Developer

I applied through college, our TPO gave link for applying. All interviews take place at their Office (Gurgaon, India)

Total Interview Rounds:
5 rounds in total
First is Pen paper Written
Next there are 3 technical interviews F2F
Last is HR

Only 1 Cons is that, they will make you wait for long time, during interview process.
Pros: Free Lunch 🙂

Interview Questions

First Round: First round is pen paper round in which there are 15 questions on C, C#, .Net out of which 8 is cut off for next round. Some students get Apti questions, but, me and 1 more student get only technical questions.

2nd Round: It is 1:1 technical. Questions on DS, ALGO, JAVA, SQL, 1 Puzzle

DS mainly Array, Hashmap, ALGO include 2 pointer Approach, Sorting, Searching.

In JAVA there are Core Java Questions on Heap vs Instance area, Abstract class vs interface(which has advantage over other), use of static keyword, key functionality of static keyword in C#.

In SQL, mainly basic manipulation commands and difference between them like Drop, Truncate, Delete, Joins.

1 Puzzle

Since ML is written in my resume so he ask me questions on ML, how to get the output with the given probability with ML algorithms.

First 2 rounds are on same day.

3rd Round: Technical with CTO F2F: On next day

Questions on DS and a question on chessboard. Every time he wants you to optimize your approach in chessboard problem. DS include question in array, with approaches.

Since ML is written in my resume so he ask about the ML, diff b/w AI and ML, how I can apply ML techniques in helping their domain or how ML is used in their company’s Product.

4th Round: Technical F2F : Asked question on DS on arrays, with some Complexity Constraints like do it in O(n), like this.

Final HR Round:

General Talk regarding education Background, discussion on what Project I have done, why chosen Computer Science Background, Tell me about yourself, programming language familiar with.

Tips: Mainly focus on DS and any 1 programming language which you know thoroughly and SQL. Mainly they ask from your CV, so don’t put any fake thing in resume.

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