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Tejas Networks Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019

Round 1: Written

  1. Recursively delete consecutive characters
  2. Print frequency of words in a sentence
  3. Given Employee class with id and name
    1. Create a method to add employee
    2. Sort employees by name
    3. Sort employees by id
  4. Print all permutations of a string “TJS”
  5. Given an array, rearrange the elements in the array such that all even elements come first in array and all odd come later or vice versa.

Round 2: Technical F2F

  1. BST traversals pre-order
  2. LCA – lowest common ancestor
  3. Print all boundary elements of a binary tree
  4. Remove a char from a string such that it’ll be a palindrome
  5. Print level order traversal of binary tree

Round 3: Technical F2F

  1. Oops concepts like abstraction, encapsulation etc
  2. Producer consumer
  3. Multi threading
  4. Two threads are modifying an arrayList ..what will happen
  5. Concurrent HashMap
  6. Difference between map and linkedHashMap
  7. Implementation of equals and hashcode method
  8. Given two objects of the same class, suppose hashcode always returns 1, are the objects equal?
  9. Difference between stringbuffer and stringbuilder
  10. How string is immutable?
  11. Object class methods
  12. Which one do u prefer for creating threads ..Thread or runnable and why?

Round 3: Technical F2F (Manager)

  1. Difference between thread and process?
  2. Java – Pass by Value or reference?
  3. Can we make constructor as private?
  4. Explain singleton design pattern
  5. What is lock in threads?
  6. Thread synchronization
  7. Given a sorted array rearrange the numbers in array in Minimum Maximum order without using extra O(n) memory and keep time complexity minimum

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