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Tejas Networks Interview Experience for R&D Engineer

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I applied for R&D Engineer at Tejas Networks through Co-cubes. The interview was conducted in two rounds.

First Round- Written (15 min aptitudes + 15 min Technical MCQ + 3 Coding Question 60 mins):

  1. The first Section consists of basic aptitude questions comprising of the profit-loss question, work, time distance, etc. You need to be very fast in solving these questions as they are very lengthy.
  2. The second section consists of technical MCQ which comprises C++ output-based Question – Constructor/Deconstruct and also some MCQ from Operating System (Synchronization/threading and networking.
  3. The third section is the Coding round in which questions from Bits algorithm, Binary tree, and stack/LinkedList data structure will come.

You need to do all three coding questions to clear your written Interview.

Second Round-Technical Interview (40-50 mins): The Interview will first ask your Introduction and then as the Tejas networking works on C and C++ they will prefer a candidate who is more familiar with this language. Java will be also fine. They will ask you to Write 2 programs –

  1.  Create a LinkedList program to insert, delete, reverse without using any inbuilt classes.
  2.  Write a program to find the most occurrence of a number in the array.

They will ask you about the Data structure and Collection package in java. Mainly after coding, they will focus on Operating system questions like semaphore, critical section, deadlock, Producer-Consumer problem, and Multi-Threading.

At last, a little bit of knowledge about Networking is good like the OSI model and function of each Layer.

All the best!!

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Last Updated : 11 Mar, 2022
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