Technovert Interview Experience (Off Campus)

Technovert conducted their off campus placement drive and here’s how it all went:-

Round 1: Online Aptitude Test:-

The online aptitude test has 60 questions divided into 3 sections namely quantitative, reasoning and verbal ability. The time given was 1 hour. 58 students gave the test from our college out of which 15 qualified for the next round including me

Round 2: Online Programming Test:-

The next round was an online programming test held at our computer lab. We were given 4 programming questions and 75 minutes to solve them. The twist here was that they did not provide a compiler and did not provide test cases, they instead told that they will only check the logic of our code and told us to ignore syntax errors and instead focus on the logic to solve the problem. Out of the 15 students who gave the test, 2 cleared the round including me and we were called to their office 2 days later for 3 more rounds. The questions asked were:-

  1. Longest common subsequence problem
  2. They gave a pattern, and we had to write code to print that pattern
  3. Array manipulation problem, fill every element of the array with the smallest value among all elements on the left of the present index
  4. String searching problem

Round 3: System Test:-

Two days later, I reached their office which was 27 km away from my college and took 2 hours by public transport. There we were asked to solve a real life application within 2.5 hours in any editor of our choice. About 4, 000 students had come to their office from various colleges across Hyderabad.
The problem given to us was to design an application which manages the expenses among a group of roommates. We were allowed to use any programming language of our choice. I went with Java

Round 4: Technical Interview:-

After successfully completing the task, I was asked to wait for the technical interview. Then the interviewer was very friendly and asked me the following questions:-

  1. (Looking at my resume) What is Node.JS? Why do you prefer Node.JS over PHP?
  2. How does Node.JS support asynchronous processes?
  3. In what ways designing a website using libraries like React.js and Node.js an advantage over plain JavaScript?
  4. Why do you prefer to use MongoDB? (Again, looking at my resume)
  5. What is DOM?
  6. What is the Virtual DOM? How is it different from DOM? (Since I had mentioned React.js in my resume)
  7. What is a linked list?
  8. How would you find the middle node of a singly linked list?
  9. Tell me about OOP
  10. What is encapsulation and abstraction?

After answering the questions, I was asked to wait for the HR/MR round as I had passed the technical round

Round 5:- HR/MR Interviews:-

This was the final round. Out of the 4, 000 students, 15 had made it till this round. The HR people were very friendly and asked me questions pertaining to my attitude, my behavior, my personal background. the session lasted around 40 minutes and they informed me that I was selected and would roll out an offer letter soon.

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