Technical Challenges of Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing is defined as a computing environment which is mobile and moves along with the user. There are various number of challenges that affected mobile computing and it has to overcome them. Some of the major technical challenges faced by mobile computing are:

1. Mobility
2. Wireless Medium
3. Portability 

These are explained as following below:

1. Mobility:
It is the most important aspect of mobile computing, but it has to face the certain challenges which are :

  • Auto configuration of the system, as the environment of the system is developing continuously. Hence for every change, it has to configure itself to the new situation.
  • Location management is also a big objection in mobility. To manage the location, following tasks are to be performed regularly over a fixed period of time.
    • Track user’s call.
    • Update user’s position and data.
  • To maintain the heterogenity is also a big task as the system is keep moving in a large variation of situations
  • Range of spectrum.
  • Verification of security.

2. Wireless Medium:
The transmission medium in mobile computing is wireless, therefore the following points are considered:

  • Various interferences occurs in the mobile computing by the different elements in the environment.
  • Accuracy and quantity of bandwidth should be sufficient.
  • Network cost is feasible.

3. Portability:
This means that the communication device moves, for eg. mobile phones. The following mobile constraints are to be considered as the devices are also mobile:

  • Minimum number of resources are used.
  • Security is very less, as security risks include the processing of fake transactions, unauthorized access of data and program files, and the physical theft or damage of the device.
  • Restrictions of the battery.

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