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Tech Mahindra Interview Questions

Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2024
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Explore the landscape of Tech Mahindra, a distinguished global technology solutions and consulting firm headquartered in New York City. Tech Mahindra Interview Questions, a compilation tailored to the company’s unique ethos, aims to guide you through the intricacies of your interview preparation. Specializing in diverse services such as IT consulting, digital transformation, and software development, Tech Mahindra has emerged as a trailblazer in the tech industry. With strategically positioned offices worldwide, the company is committed to providing innovative solutions. Delve into this curated list of Tech Mahindra interview questions to enhance your readiness and excel in your upcoming interview.


Tech Mahindra Interview Questions

As you navigate through the global influence of Tech Mahindra, known for its expertise in IT consulting and digital solutions, recognize the firm’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. With a strategic presence across the world, Tech Mahindra’s interview questions serve as a compass, guiding you toward success in securing your position within this dynamic and forward-thinking organization.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question on DSA



Largest Element in the Array Solve
Count Even Or Odd Solve
Distinct Adjacent Element Solve 
The Stock Span Problem Solve
Flattening a Linked List  Solve 
Merge two sorted linked lists  Solve 
Find the number of islands  Solve 
Quick Sort  Solve 
LRU Cache  Solve 
Find the median in a stream  Solve 
Kadane’s Algorithm  Solve 
Maximize The Cut Segments  Solve 
Bipartite Graph  Solve 
Count total set bits  Solve 
Delete nodes Having Greater Value On the Right Side  Solve 
Circular tour  Solve 
Top k numbers in a stream  Solve 
Alien Dictionary  Solve 
Nodes at given distance in binary tree  Solve 
Clone a linked list with next and random pointer  Solve 
Minimum Cost Path  Solve 
Wildcard Pattern Matching  Solve 
Detect Loop in linked list  Solve 
Find triplets with zero sum  Solve 
0 – 1 Knapsack Problem  Solve 
Permutations of a given string Solve 
Check if Linked List is Palindrome  Solve 
Minimum and Maximum Cost to buy N Candies  Solve 
Longest Palindrome in a String  Solve 
Stock buy and sell Solve 
Coin Change  Solve 
Merge Without Extra Space  Solve 
N-Queen Problem  Solve 
Burning Tree  Solve 
Fixing Two nodes of a BST  Solve 
AVL Tree Insertion  Solve 
Trapping Rain Water  Solve 
Peak element  Solve 
Minimum Platforms  Solve 
Check for BST Solve 
Nth Fibonacci Number Solve 
Anagram Solve 
Nth node from end of linked list  Solve 
Stack using two queues  Solve 
Transpose of Matrix  Solve 
Topological sort  Solve 
Rotten Oranges  Solve 
Avoid Explosion  Solve 
Min distance between two given nodes of a Binary Tree  Solve 
Minimum Spanning Tree Solve 
Kth Ancestor in a Tree  Solve 
Travelling Salesman Problem  Solve 
Convex Hull  Solve 
Word Ladder   Solve 
Diameter of a Binary Tree  Solve 
Rotate a Linked List  Solve 
Multiply two strings  Solve 
Top View of Binary Tree  Solve 

The Celebrity Problem


Pythagorean Triplet  Solve 

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions on JAVA

Java is a highly popular, object-oriented programming language. This platform independent programming language is utilized for Android development, web development, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, and much more.

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions on Computer Networks

A computer network is a collection of computers or devices connected to share resources. Any device which can share or receive the data is called a Node. Through which the information or data propagate is known as channels, It can be guided or unguided.

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions on OS

An Operating System(OS) is software that manages and handles the hardware and software resources of a computer system. It provides interaction between users of computers and computer hardware.

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