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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience for Java Developer

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2022
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There was a Virtual drive going on for the role of Java Developer. I applied on Thursday (don’t know the exact date) and I received a call back from Technical Recruiter on Tuesday. To be honest, you can’t imagine how I gave my interview. I just woke up on hearing the ringtone and there it was…my Interview. Though the recruiter analyzed that I had woken up that moment I still mentioned to her that I am fine with the interview. The first thing she mentioned was that they liked my profile and later started to take an interview.

This is how it went-

  • Could you please tell us about yourself and why you’re looking for this job? 

(P.S. I am a person who doesn’t have a CS degree and was applying to the role of Java developer. I mentioned my previous experience as an Oracle Functional Consultant and that I am more interested in the development side)

Next, the recruiter started asking questions related to Java: 

  • What are the concepts of OOPS? Can you give real-world examples for each of them?
  • Why is Java Object-oriented?
  • Please explain Collections in detail.
  • What are the differences between throws and throws?
  • Can we write finally a block without a try/catch block? Why is it so?
  • What is the difference between Hashtable and HashMap?
  • What are the new functionalities added in Java 8?
  • Explain VectorList and ArrayList.
  • Why Java doesn’t allow memory allocation? (this is related to Garbage Collection/manipulation)

I was only able to answer 6 questions and thought that I am out of the game. But then, 3 days later…I got the selection call and email.


  • Always have your resume tailored to the particular role. If you are applying for managerial roles, then along with related work skills, mention soft skills as it plays an important role.
  • Avoid panicking in situations where you don’t know the answer. It happens, not everyone knows every it’s okay.
  • For Java-based roles, try to create more personal projects based on Java8, Spring, Hibernate, Angular/React and most importantly focus on your coding skills. Practice, practice, and practice. (P.S I know I am not the person who should say this without having the related skills, but I see how my other friends are working their way out)
  • Sometimes in Virtual drive/Walkin, if there is an urgent requirement in projects..few recruiters only proceed with Single round interviews as they want to test the candidate and directly deploy on projects due to a shortage of resources.

I am currently working on Backend (Java, Spring, Angular) projects which are individually handled, and glad to get the opportunity to work on them without having hands-on.

Last but not the least, I have gone through Java-related questions from GeeksforGeeks and Unacademy. To my favorite, I would blindly go with GeeksforGeeks because of its worthy course content.

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