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TCS Selection Process

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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I am very glad to tell you that I am part of TCS family. But what it takes to get selected in TCS? I’m sharing my complete journey in preparing for TCS.

       From last 2-3 years , TCS has started taking National Qualifier Test (NQT), which means they will conduct one and same exam for all the final year students in the country. I started my preparations immediately after University Exams of Semester 6 was over. The test was supposed to be tough and yes, it was! There were 4 sections viz., Verbal, Quantitative, Programming Knowledge and Coding.  I referred PrepInsta paid material .

    In the NQT,  I could solve Verbal And Quants up to the mark but in Programming Knowledge section, questions were confusing and somewhat tough. I solved only  4 to 5 questions in that section because Negative marking scheme was not allowing my mind to guess random answers. Fortunately , coding problem statement in my batch was not tougher. Thinking for 10 mins, I wrote logic on paper and implemented  it within next 10 minutes. That program was compiled successfully and passed 6 out of 8 test cases when run. And of course , I cracked NQT . So lets see my Interview experience.

      TCS Interview process has 2 rounds : Technical Interview(TI) and HR. I had prepared for all technical skills which I mentioned in my resume. I practiced Mock Interviews from College staff. All these things helped me in building my confidence and ultimately led to my Zenith.

      TCS had arranged Skype Interview for all. Mine was held at WIT, Solapur. They allotted panels to the students. Fortunately I was the fourth in my Panel row. Waiting for our turn to the Interview feels more scary than the actual interview. I settled down with the Skype System and saw there were 2 ladies in front of sitting at TCS.

Complete Test Series for Service Based

     They started by asking my Introduction and cross checked each and every percentage grades I mentioned in the resume. My TI revolved only around my Project. She asked me following questions:

  1. Which languages do you know?
  2. Tell me about your Projects?
  3. How this idea  came into your mind?
  4. What was your role in your Project?
  5. And 2 -3 Questions on some Formulae used for calculation and specific terms in projects.

After TI, Personal Interview started . She asked below Questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What is full form of TCS?
  3. What does mean the word “Consultany” in TCS?
  4. What do you now about TCS?
  5. Where are the offices of TCS and where is the headquarter?
  6. Are you ready to Relocate?
  7. TCS works 24×7 ,so can you work in shifts?

And the Interview was over. After few days, TCS welcomed me to their family with an Offer Letter.

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