TCS Remote Internship 3.0 Experience | Set 39 (On-Campus)

TCS came in our university to provide Internship to pre final year students YOP 2019. There was single Online aptitude test round. Students who clear the online test were to be mapped to mentors and assigned projects.

Mandatory Documents to be carried on day of test:

  • TCS Application Form
  • Print out of Invite Mailer
  • College or Govt. Photo ID Proof
  • Pencil / Pen

Optional: Scientific Calculator (Online Calculator shall be available as well in the system).

The exam was conducted in three slots. The question paper was different for all slots. The Online test comprises of 4 sections:

  1. Email writing. (10 minutes): You are asked to write an email in 10 minutes. Make sure you use all the words. There is no negative marking, so try to write email as fast as possible.
  2. Quantitative ability : This round comprises of 20 questions. J The time duration of this is 40 minutes.
  3. Programming language Proficiency : This section shall have 10 MCQ based questions related to basic programming concepts (on C language) which are to be solved in 20 minutes.Geeks for geeks would be the best source to prepare for this round.
  4. Coding round : This round is of 20 minutes and you have to write and run a simple C program using Command line arguments.Following questions were asked:

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