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TCS Placement Paper | E-mail Writing

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During the on-campus recruitment process, TCS conducts an E-Mail writing test of 10 minutes duration and is included in the other writing tests. This round plays a vital role in the recruiting process and is mandatory for every student. TCS has its own way of testing job applicants, based on there circumstance analysis, situational understanding and English proficiency through e-mail writing. Basically, a situation is introduced at the start of the question followed by a number of phrases ranging from 10 to 15. With a proper understanding of the situation, students need to frame a formal e-mail, including all those phrases mentioned in the question. One needs to understand the context of the e-mail through the first part of the question and mould the given phrases into the context of the situation.

These points must be kept in mind while proceeding with the e-mail writing:

  • Do not make grammatical, spelling mistakes or any typing errors while writing the e-mail.
  • Stick to the formal tone while writing the e-mail.
  • Keep the mail short and crisp, covering all the points. (Recommended a minimum of 50 words).
  • Do not beat around the bush and write according to the points.
  • Do not skip any phrase mentioned in the question.
  • Do not change the tense or order of the mentioned phrases.
  • Divide the mail into paragraphs (Recommended 2 paragraphs).
  • Keep proper note of to whom the mail is addressed and from whom is it sent.
  • Make proper salutations and formal references to subjects mentioned in the question.

Tips on writing an e-mail:

  • If a person name is mentioned in the question address him/her as Dear him/her. If no name is mentioned or there is an ambiguity in gender then Dear Sir/Ma’am will do.
  • Always end the e-mail with “Regards”, “Thanks and Regards”, “Thanking You”, “Warm Regards”, “Yours sincerely”, etc before making a proper sign. If a name is mentioned then mention that name else one can use his/her own name with a proper designation in reference to the context of the situation.
  • Write the complete mail in a proper box-type format, i.e., always stick to the left margin of the page.
  • Generally, a direction is provided along with the question, which must be given priority and followed in order to make it through the round.

Sample Question:
As a recent buyer of their car, write an E-mail to the Manager of XYZ automotive company, Mr Kishore, regarding the poor quality of service facility available in the city. Sign the E-mail as Anil.


very few - service centres - complaints - pending problems - maintenance - cost -
time -delivery - increase - customer satisfaction


Dear Mr Kishore,

I purchased a Suzuki Desire from XYZ Suzuki showroom, located at Howrah. I have been using it for two months and recently found a problem with the AC and braking system. I took it back to the showroom where the service was unfortunately not available. I tried to locate service centres and to my surprise, there were very few service centres located in the city. Looking at the records there are many complaints regarding this issue and many pending problems. This is a great disadvantage to the customers part which is resulting in the increase in maintenance cost, time and creating delivery issues.

I would like to request and suggest you look into this matter and if possible open up more service centres which will help in customer satisfaction and in return will increase the sales and profit on company’s part.

Thanks and Regards,

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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