TCS On campus Interview Experience

There were two rounds in the selection process:

Round 1: First round was an online test which consisted of 4 sections:

  1. Email Writing- 10 minutes
  2. Quantitative Aptitude- 20 questions 40 minutes
  3. Technical – 10 questions 20 minutes( Very basic technical multiple choice questions on C programming, Data structures, output questions)
  4. coding- 1 C programming question 20 minutes

Round 2: This was the Technical and HR round:

There were 3 interviewers in my panel, one was a lady and two gentlemen. They mostly asked me everything from what I spoke and my resume. The first question was to introduce myself. In which I included all my projects and internships done.  After this, he asked me a few questions about TCS. Like in what all sectors has it excelled, the current CEO and Chairman. Then he started asking me about my projects. He asked me how did I follow the SDLC life cycle in my project. He asked me which programming language do I prefer? He asked me a few questions on computer networks. And at the end, he asked me to explain my project on a piece of paper.

It was a very normal interview. Only thing I would say is to be confident and do a thorough research on the company before attending the interview. This shows your interest towards the company.

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