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TCS On Campus Interview Experience 2018

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TCS is only the company that visits my college. So I started preparing for the written tests, 15 days before the interviews.

Written: It consists of 3 parts:

(Practice from given sites)

  1. Aptitude:
  2. Email:
  3. Coding Problem:  
  • Reverse a String.
  • Reverse a Number.
  • Palindrome.
  • Prime Number.
  • Leap Year.
  • Greatest among 10 numbers.
  • Fibonacci Series.
  • HCF / GCD.
  • Factorial.
  • Decimal to Binary & vice versa
  • Armstrong Number.
  • Area.
  • Swap 2 numbers.
  • Concatenate 2 strings.
  • LCM of Two Number using CLP.
  • Average of Two Numbers.
  • Sum of Digits of a number.
  • Binary to Decimal.
  • Decimal to Binary.
  • Factorial of a Number.
  • Square Root of Prime Number.
  • Square Root without square root.
  • Armstrong Number.
  • Odd-Even Number.
  • Binary to Octal.
  • Decimal to Octal.
  • Check Leap Year.
  • Area of Circle.
  • Checking Palindrome (Number).
  • Area of Triangle.
  • Checking Palindrome (String).
  • Reverse Digits of a Number.
  • Checking Prime or Not.

If you clear this written round then after 2-3 days you will be called for the F2F Interviews.

Round 1: Technical round :

  1. Tell me about yourself the things that are not in your resume.
  2. Which language you are comfortable with.
  3. What is Garbage collector in Java. What to do in C++ for that.
  4. What is dangling pointer. WAP for this explanation.
  5. What is Multithreading in Java. WAP for multithreading in Java and explain.
  6. Some SQL queries. Mostly related to joins.
  7. What is polymorphism. WAP for that just for explanation.
  8. What is heap and stack area.
  9. Some OOP’s concepts theoretically.
  10. Write 10 commands of git.
  11. What is subnetmask. How to find it?
  12. What is big data. Why this term only?

Round 2: Managerial Interview:

  1. Do you want to remain in programming field or want a change?
  2. Why do you love coding?
  3. Stress que:Assume you are CEO of company then tell me that what will be your priority, TCS or your hospitalized father.(Most tricky one)
  4. Why should I hire you, tell me such answer that none of your friends or it shouldn’t be on google.
  5. Any weakness?
  6. Stress que: If your goal is to get a good position or promotion then you will not work and focus on that fame only. Why to hire such person.
  7. Asked about the family, What all members do.
  8. Do you have a Bike? Do you know which engine your bike has? Can you explain brakes of your bike.(Awkward silence)
  9. Ohh, you have 90% in 12th . They gave me some chemical reactions to balance. I did. Then they gave me a reaction to get result after their reactions.
  10. What is the revenue of TCS.
  11. Who is CTO of TCS.
  12. Whats your long term goal? They put me through the stress by cross questioning it.

Round 3: HR round:

I was the second last in the HR round so HR called me and my friend together in the room and took the interview.

  1. Both of you tell that why you are better than him/her.
  2. You can discuss for 1 minute and tell me whom should I hire ?
  3. HR compared or High school to B.E. CGPA.
  4. Why you are asset to the company?
  5. Asked about our father & mother and what they do?

After the lot of stress and questions I just prayed GOD and reached home. After 1 week we got our results and I was selected. 

I wrote this answer since many people wants to know about my experience. Hope its helps someone. Good luck!

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Last Updated : 30 Aug, 2018
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