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TCS Off Campus Interview in January 2018

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This is my TCS interview experience and hope this will help you in yours.

I applied to TCS off campus drive for 2017 pass-outs held on 31st Jan, 2018 in my city (throughout India). There was an aptitude test of 90 min which consist of 4 sections. Email writing, quantitative, logical and computer basics.

I don’t know the cut-off but I was shortlisted for the personal interview. The interview process started  from  5th February  at 4 centres  of TCS Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Delhi.

My interview were at Pune on 14th February and first was Technical round and the second round was HR and technical mix, in both there were two person in the panel.

In 1st Interview they asked simple questions like

  • Tell us something about you ?
  • What was your final year project and explain it to us ?
  • Write the 2-3 lines of code of your project.
  • What is Static keyword ?
  • Write a program explaining it ?

Other related questions to my branch and my project.

Then I waited outside and they send me to 2nd interview panel which was HR and MR.

They checked all my documents and then some HR and MR questions like

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me about TCS.
  • What are your hobbies ?
  • What was asked in previous TR and have you answered all ?
  • Have you searched answers of the questions ?
  • Tell me real time example of oops concepts.
  • Do you have question for us ?

The results were declared on 19th February and my joining letter came on 24th February.

I was just like you I was not having enough interview experience to read; hence I shared this to get you familiar with the process.

Just be confident and hope for the best.

All The best !!

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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