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TCS NQT Interview Experience (Virtual)

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  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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TCS organized the National Qualifier Test (NQT) drive for selected colleges last year in October. Due to COVID-19, the hiring process is online for almost every company. They will be hiring fresher graduates from India and are providing two offers, one is TCS Ninja profile and another is TCS Digital. Those who performed exceptionally well in TCS NQT were given chance to give TCS Digital Test(a coding test having 2 questions to be solved in 1 Hour).

Round 1(Online test): I wrote the NQT test on 28th October 2020 and It was an online test that consists of the following sections.

  • Verbal Ability: English Grammar, Reading Comprehension (24 Qs | 30 Min)
  • Reasoning Ability: Identifying Word and Numeric Patterns, Problem-Solving, Figural and Factual Analysis, Decision Making, Visual/Spatial Reasoning (30 Qs | 50 Min)
  • Numerical Ability: Number System, Arithmetic, Elementary Statistics, Data Interpretation (26 Qs | 40 Min)
  • Technical MCQs: Pseudocode, Algorithms, Programming constructs, basic Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), implementation using C, C++, and Java (Basic understanding is evaluated) (10 Questions | 15 Min)
  • Programming Section: (Select from C, C++, Java, Python, and Perl) – Hands-on Exercise 1 – 15 Min and Hands-on Exercise 2 – 30 Min (Overall 2 Questions and 45 minutes)

This online test was of 180 minutes. Each section has a specific time and number of questions as mentioned above, so proper time management is required. 

I got mail on 10th November that I was eligible for TCS Digital Test. On 12th November, I gave the test (a coding test having 2 questions to be solved in 1 Hour). In this test, it is necessary to run both programs successfully to be selected for Digital Interview. I did one completely and one partially, so got mail for the TCS Ninja Interview on 30th November(7 PM) that the Interview was scheduled for 1st December 2020 at 2 PM. So, I quickly brushed up all the concepts I know as much as possible.

Round 2(Technical Interview): This was a face-to-face interview round on Webex. First, document verification was done by HR. There were three interviewers – TR, HR, MR. What I guess if you perform well in the TR round then only they will ask you to send your documents for verification at the end of the interview to one of the Interviewer’s mail id.

The following are the questions that I was asked by the interviewer in the technical interview:

Technical Interview (TR 20 – 25 minutes): 

  1. Tell me about yourself. It’s the most common question that will be asked for sure. So be prepared well in advance.
  2. Questions on Final Year Project ( Must have good knowledge about what you are doing in your project and why you choose that particular project and technology).
  3. The interviewer asked about my skill set, which language I am comfortable with. Be careful what you tell here as questions will be asked from them for sure.
  4. Program to sort an array.
  5. Time Complexity of Bubble Sort and Heap Sort.
  6. Questions in DBMS like difference among DELETE, DROP and TRUNCATE commands, What is RDBMS, types of DBMS Languages, etc.
  7. Questions in Computer Networks – types of topologies, the difference between router and modem(I simply said NO for this question as I did not know the answer, you have to do the same if you don’t know the answer to a question).
  8. Basics of OOPS and C Language, 1 – 2 questions from Operating System

MR Interview (10 -12 minutes]):

  1. He asked 2 situation based questions and asked the possible path that you will choose to tackle those problems.
  2. Strength and weakness, some questions to judge if you are telling truth or not.

HR Interview (10 – 12 minutes):

  1. Asked questions related to my Management skills.
  2. Again some discussion on my strengths and weakness.
  3. The HR then explained to me about the bond and 1-year service agreement. (50k bond amount with 3 months notice period)
  4. Do you have any questions?

So, this was my amazing TCS interview experience. I got selected! They mailed our college TPO the list of selected students. We get the result on 28th December 2020.

Personal suggestions:

  • Be Confident, Be Honest, have faith in yourself that you can do well or manage. Don’t pretend that you are not in the interview. Think before you speak.
  • Whatever you speak must match with what you mentioned in your resume, else there will be a high chance of rejection.

All the Best!

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