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TCS NQT Interview Experience 2021

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TCS NQT or National Qualifier Test is for freshers with less than 2 years of work experience.

  • Students with any degree/branch can apply. It is an opportunity to get TCS Ninja Role.
  • The score is valid for 2 years and can be used to apply to some other companies as well.
  • Exam is held in both online (web-proctored) mode or offline mode.

Stage 1- NQT Exam

The exam has two parts :-

  1. NQT (cognitive skills)-  Numerical Ability, Verbal Ability and Reasoning Ability.
  2. Subject NQT (for IT companies)- Programming Logic (10 questions),  Coding (2 Questions)

Important Points :-

  • No negative marking.
  • Adaptive Test.
  • On Screen Calculator was available.
  • If you become Ninja topper you will get an opportunity to give TCS Digital Exam.

Stage 2- Interview Process

These interviews were conducted online. Panel had 3 interviewers, one for each Technical, HR and Managerial.

Candidate 1-

(My experience, B.Tech CSE student– selected for Ninja )


Q1-Please give your introduction.

Q2- Explain your final year project.

Q3-So did you use python and what libraries? (Next 3-4 questions were related to the project working and details. So, be well prepared with your project.)

Q4- Explain the difference between C and Python?  

Q5-Some basic questions on Python like what is list, tuple, one or two syntax based questions.

Q6- Where did you learn Python from?

Q7- Are there any online courses that you have done?

Q8- Which language would you prefer to work on if given a project, C or Python?

Q9- Rate yourself on how good you are in C language.

Q10- 2-3 basic questions on C and DBMS.


Q1- Tell me about your family.

Q2-How did you prepare for this interview and did any one guide you.

Q3-So, you like reading books, what kind of books? (Next few questions based on books read.)

Q4- Questions based on hobby.

Q5- Some situational questions.

Q6- Are you willing to relocate and comfortable to work in night shifts?


Q1- Confirmed academic scores to check if all criteria match.  

Q2- Situational question.

(Additional Tips :- Know and prepare everything on the CV. Be thorough with basic concepts of programming languages, DBMS, Data Structure, your projects and know about the company .)

Candidate 2 –

(Experience of Ashutosh, B.Tech CSE student – selected for Digital)


Q1. Which language are you comfortable with?

Q2. Why have you chosen this language?

Q3. Have you completed any project using this language?

Q4. Any project that you have completed using a different language?

Q5. How is C different from Python?

Q6. What is call by value?

Q7. Is there anything else you can use in place of call by value?  

Q8. What are pointers in C?

Q9. What is a null pointer?

Q10. What is the use of null pointer?

Q11. What is a dangling pointer?

Q12. What is the use of a dangling pointer?

Q13. You must have used loops while programming. So, how would you write a code to search an element in an array?

Q14. Have you worked with DBMS and which one?

Q15. Have you heard about AWS?

Q16. Can you write a query to create a table in DBMS?

Q17. What is the use of Primary key?


Q1. Have you thought of going for higher studies?

Q2. Is this your first interview?

Q3. How many interviews have you given before this and in which companies?

Q4. So why do you want to join TCS and not those companies?

Q5. I see you have a moderate academic record. So, what is the reason behind this?

Q6. Is there any hackathon you have participated?

Q7. So in your accomplished and ongoing projects, you worked alone or in a team?

Q8. What was your role in these projects?

Q9.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Q10. If work at TCS is very demanding. How will you manage that?

Q11: What is business 4.0?

Q12. What motivates you to do a good job?

Q13. What if we give you a non-developer role would you still work with us?

Q14. For how long would you work for TCS?

Q15. Can you relocate?


Q1: Have you ever scored less than 60% in intermediate, high school or college?

Q2: Do you have any backlogs?

Q3: If given a tester role are you comfortable?

Q4: Even though you have a lot of offers why do you want to join TCS?

(Additional Tips :- Know and prepare everything on the CV. Be thorough with programming languages, DBMS, Data Structure ,your projects as well as new technologies, know about the company)

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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