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TCS NQT Interview Experience (2020-2021)
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2020

ROUND 1(Conducted Through TCS-ION Platform): Round 1 happened for over three hours this year and it is an auto-proctored exam which contains quantitative aptitude-26, reasoning ability-30, verbal-24, technical(programming logic)-10. If you are good with the basics of the above topics you will definitely get into the next round. Also, there were 2 coding questions in this round. You can use whatever language you are comfortable with. Even though I solved only one coding question, I was selected for the second round.

ROUND 2(Technical + Managerial + HR): This is the final round conducted in Microsoft Teams platform where you will be asked questions from your resume and your communication skills along with your confidence level will also be tested. There will be enough time for you to prepare for this round. I got more than two weeks of time but you will be informed about the time slot a day before the interview. Refreshing on the subjects that you have mentioned in your resume will help you and give you more confidence.

  1. Technical: I was asked to explain my project(my project was on machine learning) and how the technologies that I have used in the project can be used in the company. They were also concentrating on the certifications that I have done and asked a few basic questions from the topic. Your knowledge about recent technologies will be tested by giving some example scenarios, and they will ask about what technology can be used there. Basic questions were also asked from Networks(OSI layers) and basics of C programming.

  2. Managerial: Which is best according to you – studying alone or group study? What will you do if some important part of your project suddenly stopped working before a few days up submission? Solve it on your own or seek help from others?

  3. HR:

    • Strength and weakness
    • Hobbies (do not say it in single words. Try to explain why you are attracted or interested in a particular hobby)
    • Asked on willingness towards relocation and night shifts.
    • After a week I  received an e-mail saying that I have got selected.

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