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TCS Ninja Interview IT 2018

  • Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2018

Round 1 : Written test, went very well, based on syllabus given

Round 2:it is TR round.

I was very excited.i preparing my self to be confident.As I entered TCS block in Hyderabad I was given a serial number and allotted to planel 2.They will call your name based on alphabet name starts with v, so I’m the last one.i went in and he asked to me to sit.



I-come on, take your seat

M-good evening sir, thank you sir

M-can I have some water sir(with a small smile)

I-sure sure

M-i handed over my resume to interviewer then he started asking questions based on my resume only.but I didn’t mentioned java in my resume.

I-which stream are you?

M-i formation technology, sir

I-1 )what do know about git hub?

2) Give some basic commands in git hub?

3) SQL commands(pdrun, fid)?

4) why didn’t you mentioned java in your            resume?

5) which college are you?

6) have you published any papers?

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