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TCS Ninja Interview Experience(CSE) 2018

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Round 1:Round 1 consist of 4 section.

Section A verbal question mcq
Basic English Paragraph.

Section B aptitude question easy leave
Section 2 consist of 15 basic level aptitude question and 5 advance level questions
there is negative marking foe each mcq question and no negative marking for FUB(Fill Up Blanks).

Section C programming mcq based on c and oops
Section 3 consist of 7 basic C & C++ MCQ and 3 Advance Level question from data structures(Like BFS, DFS Linked List Reversal etc)

Section D coding question
Coding question are basic based upon two different series or string manipulation etc. You have 1 public test case and 3 private test case. It is one of easy part for CSE students where he will score maximum marks.

Round 2:Round 2 consist of TR+MR+HR.

In second round all NQT(Round 1) qualified students call for tcs office in my case it was Indore.
Here you have to face Technical Round + Managerial Round + Human Resource Round in which to of them(MR+TR) is on Skype and HR is sitting with you.


Q1. They Ask. Introduce Yourself With Your Complete Technical Details?
I answer it.

Q2. Tell me about your project?
I answer it and explain different modules of my project. as my project is live so i mention link of my project in my explanation.

Q3. Are you working on any project?
I answer it and explain basic details of my current project.

Q4. As you are from CSE Background. Which programming language you know?
I answer C, C++, Java, Python.

Q5. Rate yourself in each programming language on scale of 5?
I rate myself.

Q6. Some Basic C & C++ questions like(Difference between c & c++, What is Class, Virtual Function, Prototype of virtual function, why we use virtual function, define and explain access specifiers why we use it etc)
I answer all of her question

Q7. What is virtual Table?
I did not recall the exact answer at that time so i say sorry i didn’t know. she smile and ask another question but few minutes latter i recall the exact definition of Virtual Table(i.e View in DBMS) and i ask her to tell answer of last question she agree and smile again. That’s all about TR Round.

Mr ask only one question.

Q. How you will face and manage challenges that comes when you work in an it industry?
I answer It.He just only want to check your mental ability and thinking skills.

My HR Round Was Quite Good.(She is very friendly)
Before my interview i am nervous but after talking few minutes with hr i am confident.

She ask several questions some of them are following.

Q1. Why we should hire you?

Q2. Tell me about your family background?

Q3. What is your weakness? How you will overcome from it?

Q4. What will you do if we did not hire you today.
i explain it and come with a conclusion that most probably i will hired today.

Q5. Tell me about TCS etc…

And last she ask.
I there any question?
I asked her that.What an IT industry expect from fresher?
She explain it for almost 2 to 3 minutes.

My Interview takes almost 1 hours.

And at last after 3 days result declared AND I AM SELECTED.

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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