TCS Ninja Interview Experience

Round 1:The first round was TCS national qualifier test held across India. There were 4 sections in the test. The first one was easy. There were fill in the blanks English questions. In the second section, there were aptitude questions which I found little difficult to solve. The third section had technical questions. Most of them were related to C language and a few related to data structures. The last section was the coding round. I got a question on Strings. The coding questions of other slots were like, find the nth element in a given string or find the nth number in fibonacci series.

Out of approximately 600 students in my college, 222 students qualified this round.

Round 2: It was Technical plus Manegerial interview. Video conferencing was conducted in my college for this round. I was asked questions like Tell me about yourself, What is an IP address,  what is DHCP, what are the layers in an OSI model, difference between IPV4 and IPV6, difference between linear and non linear data structure, LIFO and  FIFO, my project, my strengths, and if i had any relocation problem. They checked my confidence when I could not answer but this round went well.

Round 3:This was the last round, HR interview. I was asked the name of the CEO of TCS, TCS revenue, its market capital, its competitors. I was asked about Reverse film making as I had mentioned it in my resume and the last question was that why should we hire you? This round also went well.

Out of 222 students, 119 got selected from my campus. 

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