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TCS Ninja Interview Experience (Off-Campus) 2021 Virtually

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Hey, Guy’s, I am Mohit Patel from the Information Technology branch and 2022 grad I appear for the TCS Ninja profile off-campus on 12 Sept 2021 and this is my interview experience.

Round-1 (Online Assessment):

  • Numerical Ability:   26 Questions – 40 min
  • Verbal Ability:         24 Questions – 30 min
  • Reasoning Ability:  30 Questions – 50 min
  • Technical MCQ:      10 Questions – 15 min  
  • Coding:                   02 Questions – 45 min

Note: TCS makes changes in the exam before Sept 2021 in TCS NQT/Ninja the total time given to each section and we can move from one question to another question but after Sept 2021 they fix the time for each question and each section as well. For ex. If some question is assigned the 1 minute then after the 1 minute you are not able to attempt that question even if the section-time is left so be careful.

Tips: I prefer GFG and IndiaBix and for learning the concept I use Youtube and for Technical MCQ and Coding I use the GFG portal and practice the most commonly asked question.

After 15 days got mail clearing the online assessment and after one month I got mail for the technical interview round.

Round-2 (Technical / Managerial Round):

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Explain your project?
  • Deep discussion on the project, technology used, the difficulty faced, etc? 
  • Why Python is so much popular? 
    This question is a follow-up because my project is based on Python.
  • How to swap two variables? I just tell different approaches like without third variable, using XOR, using the third variable.
  • Suppose you are a team leader and one of your team members takes the credit for the whole project what was your reaction?
  • As you are a team leader and the project deadline is 1 week and one of your team members is on leave how do you manage such a situation?
  • Assume your client usually does not give credit to anybody then how do you impress him/her by your work?
    I think these questions were asked to me because I previously did 2 internships for checking my team skills.
  • How do find the 2 highest salaries from the employee table?

Tip: Self-introduction must consist of current education, branch, CGPA/Percentage if above 80 or 85, achievements in college if any, achievement in school (don’t include drawing, dancing like that include quizzes, debate, etc), a project description, in short, short/long term goal, about family and hobbies in short.

Tips: Briefly describe the project, explain your role and another member as well, complete tech used, OOPs concept, practice some condition-based questions, good grip in one programming language, practice some commonly asked SQL queries.

Time: Total time took 30 minutes.

Round-3 (HR Round):

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Why do you want to join TCS?
  • How do you tackle the difficulty coming during the project?
  • If you get the offer from Google then what do you do?
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  • She explains to me the agreement, policies, etc.

Tips: Practice the HR question from the GFG website and during the interview be natural, confident, answer clearly, don’t lie, and keep smiling.

Time: Total time took 15 minutes.

All The Best

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Last Updated : 18 Feb, 2022
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