TCS Ninja Interview Experience from National Qualifier Test 2018 Delhi Region


Round 1: The first round was TCS national qualifier which was test held across India. There were 4 sections in the test. In the first, there were fill in the blanks English questions. They are very easy. In the second section, there were aptitude questions basic as well as advance. The third section had technical questions. Most of them were related to C language and a few related to data structures. This section also contains basic as well as advance section. The last section was the coding round. I got a question on Series. The coding questions of other slots were like, find the nth element in a given string or find the nth number in fibonacci series, or string related questions.

After that those who qualify this round, got mail from TCS, that they got shortlisted and gear up for 2nd round.

2nd Round: We have to go to the center, prvided by TCS. There first of we have Technical round.There are many panels like panel of 1 guy or 2 guy. It is your luck that which panel you got, because allocation of panel is random. Some questions of technical asked from me:

-> Tell me your area of interest
-> On which database version you are working(Since mine has Database as area of interest)
-> Is it part of Oracle Apps
-> What is OLAP and OLTP
-> What is CRUD (JDBC Operations)
-> What is diff b/w AWT and Swings
-> What is AWS(Amazon Web Services)
-> What is Microsoft Azure
-> What are latest IT trends in market
-> What is Machine Learning(Since mine has area of interest), Classification
-> Quicksort, what is its time complexity, in worst case.
-> In how many ways we can traverse a graph
-> JDBC Connection code
-> What are Design Patterns, example of any one design pattern.
-> Why TCS
-> Why hire you

After this if the panel thinks that you are good in technical then they make you shortlist for the HR round, else they told you to leave.

3rd Round: HR Round:
-> Document Verification
-> What do you think the most important skill which make you an outstanding among all other

They will mail you your result after a week 🙂

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