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TCS Ninja Interview Experience from National Qualifier Test 1 Sept 2018 UP Region
  • Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2020

Round 1: 

The first round was TCS national qualifier which was test held across India. My center was in Allahabad. There were 4 sections in the test. In the first, there were fill in the blanks English questions. In the second section, there were aptitude questions basic as well as advance. The third section had technical questions. Most of them were related to C language, mostly based on keywords and a few related to data structures. This section also contains basic as well as advance section. The last section was 1 coding question. I got a question on Series. Which was of moderate level. We were allowed to solve that in any language like C, C++, Java, Python, 

After that those who qualify this round, got mail from TCS within 7 days, that they got shortlisted and prepare for 2nd round. 

Round 2:  

Second round was scheduled after 1 month of first round. 

Process started with document verification. 

And after that Technical round started. There were 2 interviewers. There told me to introduce myself first. As I was from ECE backgound, questions asked to me was mostly related to Electronics. 

Some questions of technical asked from me: 

-> Rate yourself in Electronics out of 10. 
-> What is H bridge concept. 
-> Tell me about few types of motor. 
-> About communication process. 
-> About op-amp. 
-> Derivation of op-amp related formulas. 
-> What is oscillation. 
-> Write code to blink 2 LEDs. 
-> Write code for servo motor. 
-> 2 codes in C language. 
-> what is studio.h. 
-> Few aptitude related problems. 
-> Why TCS. 
-> About final year project. 
-> Why not any other company. 
-> Why should we hire you. 

-> Difference between Manager and leader. 

After this if the panel decides that If you are good in technical then send you  for the HR round, else they told you to leave. 


Round 3: 

It was HR round. 

Question were like: 

-> Why TCS. 
-> Tell me about your family. 
-> Hobbies. 
-> Can work in night shift or not. 


Then mailed result after a week. 

A Big Thanks to GeeksforGeeks, for providing such a great platform for preparing for Interviews.

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