TCS Ninja Interview Experience for ECE Student

I am from Uttar pradesh but pursuing in madurai in ECE stream.

MR and TR was available in skype and HR was sitting next to me.

Round 1: TCS ninja NQT held on 2 & 3 sept 2018. Contains 4 section:-

English (Fill in the blanks)


Programming Language MCQ


As I am non CS student, I was unable to solve coding section. I thought i would not pass 1st round because I attempted 10 MCQ out of them 4 was wrong but luckily i got call for interview.

You can know more about 1st round on prepinsta, faceprep etc

Round 2: Interview (5 October)

I was the first one for interview through skype. HR called me and asked

Tell me about youself.

Strength and weakness.

And handed over me to TR. TR asked questions by seeing area of interest in my resume which i uploaded in TCS website. So be good in that. MR asked about projects done by me.

They asked me basics in network analysis and antenna because i kept those as my AOI.

TR asked C language, java, data structures. Everything was basic but i didn’t mention java and DS in my resume and didn’t mention in self introduction also. But they asked that.

HR asked

Why TCS?

Products by TCS.

Why should we hire you?

If you get core company and TCS then what will you choose?


Totally my interview was average and held for 15 minutes. Try to focus on Area of interest and basic concept of java as (object, interitance etc)and C language and DS.

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