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TCS Ninja Interview Experience 2019

  • Last Updated : 21 Mar, 2019

Round 1: It consisted an online test which needs to be given on TCS iON platform. Questions asked were consisting basic aptitude and computer science quiz(single correct type) in part 1. Part 2 was of 20 min. which had some basic programming question. The trick was to learn command line argument programming and basic 2nd year c, c++ questions.

Round 2: In order to cut the cost it was shifted to students going to nearby TCS campus. I was sent into a cubicle where a ~25 year old guy was sitting(coordinator/hr). He handed over headphones and logged into skype. Two guys were on the screen(both around 40 years of age). They asked to introduce myself. While I was introducing they were looking down, probably skimming through my resume. Asked me about the project, I gave a summary of around 3 min. While I was running out of words one of them cross questioned while other person was making disappointed kind of expressions. When they were finished asking questions related to project, they moved onto programming language i.e. c, c++. Asked me to rate myself. I did. asked very simple questions: I was giving complex explanations by taking examples of full fledged programs they sticked on much trivial explanations only verbally. They caught me off-guard when they asked about naming the exact errors that are displayed in c/c++ compilers. I knew nothing like John Snow. Made poker faces here and there and told I copy paste the error and search them, never thought of cramming their names. Grilled me on the higher versions that my project can take. Asked about AIML algorithms and tools I haven’t even heard of. They moved to HR mode altogether and asked me about questions like: What is TCS? Who is CEO? Recent Technologies they are working? What is “an acronym  don’t even remember”(it was something related to finance). Again grilling mode on – they told you know a lot, we don’t think you will work with us?(I was like wt*!) I said they provide certainty(tagline). I am not placed anywhere. Asked me to choose between infosys, wipro, tcs. I said TCS is the opportunity that I want to grab. They asked me similar reframed questions again till the point I felt frustated. Poker face again. Suddenly out of nowhere told me to convert hexa to octa. and asked to follow proper steps. I answered correctly. One of them denied. I explained. Handed over to the guy sitting beside me. Asked basic question about relocation, backlog, family etc. That’s it.

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I asked one of the other guys about time it took: they said about 25 min.

Round 3:  No third round.


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