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TCS Ninja Interview Experience (2019)

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Round 1:As i had qualified for the interview through Codevita so it was a given that my coding skills would be tested. To qualify for this round i had completed 3 coding questions which is more than enough to earn you a shot at TCS ninja.

The first round was a technical round. Now this round is very tricky because it depends upon you which direction the interviewer would take or which questions he would ask. Be sure to not give off a Mr. Know it all vibe, that had earned my friends a stern, “You are overqualified for this job”.

My interview kicked off when the interviewer called me in. We shook hands, please don’t offer it yourself some of them don’t like it, it was already clear that the interview would be a tedious one as he told me to keep my resume aside for later. Now i will list all the questions in the sequence I was asked them:

1) Explain your approach to solve the hardest question you attempted in the test.


2)Can you optimise it.


3)Rank yourself in your top 3 favourite programming laguage.

=>C++=4, Python-4, Java-3

Then began an onslaught of oops questions

4)The same old questions -what is object, is this pen an object, Abstraction, what is enumeration, why is java slower, what are access specifiers…….

=>answered to the best of my ability for 5 mins.

5)Gave me two coding questions:

a)From a given string find out all the substrings that contain just vowel.


b)A recursive approach to solve the coin change problem

=>Took some time but answered

6)Write a query to find Nth largest number in SQL

=>Tried to answered but wrong, so he told me to write 3rd largest number.

7)Took a look at my resume at last, and asked me “Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in the resume.

=>I told him about my hobby as a content writer.

Now i was beginning to get tired it had already been over 30 mins, my friends were already finished around 25 mins.

But this is a positive sign.

8)Asked me about my projects and internship, same old questions about what was my role, what were the difficulties i faced. As my resume had majority of projects pertaining to Machine Learning he asked me to name my most used algorithm, I replied logistic Regression, then began a barrage of questions on ML which I had ample of confidence in but he just kept on asking every little detail, even the syntax of some statements in python. P.S. I would advice you to mention only the projects which you can talk about for at least 15 min otherwise they would rip you to shreds for 15 min straight.

9) Finally he asked me to write the syntax of excception handling in java and  some output questions.

result:->I was told to wait outside.

Round 2:The next stage was the Hr round, this is really tough because they pull all your strings and they know which one to pull, to break you. Don’t get disheartened or furious during this. They would ask you questions and pretend to not even listen but they are paying attention to evey little detail. I was straight away asked whether I has cheated in the online test, which i denied and then gave them a valid reason, without saying anything they followed by asking me to tell 10 differences between python and c++, followed by why should we hire you, why TCS, my answer to this ticked them off and then they started bad mouthing TCS, hoping I would agree, i just nodded without saying anything.

One thing i would advise you to do is to be completely honest in HR they like honesty and it saves you from pointlessly defending something you said just to impress the person.

Round 3:This was around 10 min they layed down their policies, their expectations from us, readiness to work outside, bond details and other briefing stuff.


Result declared after two weeks => Got placed.

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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