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TCS Ninja Interview Experience Pune 2018

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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First of all, I want to thank TCS for conducting National Qualifier Test(TCS Ninja 2018) for recruitment since it gave change to each and every corner of India to show their talent.

ROUND 1: National Qualifier Test

TCS Ninja Test was conducted on 2nd and 3rd sep 2018. It contains the 3 sections as follows:

i) English: In this section we have given with one passage having some blank fields where we had to enter correct grammatical form of the word/phrase given.

ii) Aptitude(Quantitative as well as Technical): Every part of aptitude again contains two sub-sections i.e normal and advanced questions.

iii) Programming section: Here we had to write one program for given problem statement using any one of the following languages C, C++, Java, Python, C# etc.

This test had duration of 1hr. From 1st round 20 students of my college shortlisted for 2nd round

Round 2: Technical + HR + MR

After NQT(National Qualifier Test), they shortlisted the best students from each college and I was among one of them from my college. Then after 15 days they called us for 2nd round i.e on 30 sep 2018 at TCS office located in Hinjawadi, Pune. There we have allocated with different time slot(I was in the 11.30 am time slot).

Now the actual interview starts:

As I entered in the interview room then asked me to seat and starts with normal question but in tricky manner

i) Are you an interesting person?
I answered yes then asked how and i answered and told them about my interests.

ii) Which is your favorite subject?
I answered DBMS.

iii) Do you like programming?
I answered yes and mostly back end programming.

Then they asked some questions on Data structure like:

iv) what is dangling pointer? 

v) What is Binary Search Tree?

vi) What is Normalization?

vii) Builders of OOP

after technical interview, on same place HR + MR round was conducted.

In HR I was asked :
i) About TCS
ii) Long Form and Meaning of TCS
iii)Do you prefer Relocation?
And this is question of both HR+MR since they pressurized me to say no relocation but i didn’t said no.

This is all about my interview round. Since it was my first interview, I was little bit nervous after my interview.

After 9 days from the interview day TCS announced the results and I got Placed in the TCS. Along with me 8 out of 20 of my friends get placed in TCS.

********************Guys Last but not least, If you speak confidently in the interview round even if you don’ t know everything from technical side or HR side, you  will get selected******************

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