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TCS interview On Campus

  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2018

CTC : 3.3 Lakhs per annum

Very easy interview

Position Software Engineer On Campus.

Initial round was of aptitude round. Round has programming questions, programming logic and English.

No aptitude for me since i was in CGPA of above 8.5

Out of 64 in my department 37 got selected.

Next round were

  • Technical round
  • Managerial and HR round

Technical Round
Started with introducing myself

Then asked about all the internships i Had done

Asked about

One 2 coding

Reverse a string

A company of dream

Output : dream of company A

I used Stack approach

Then count vowel in string

I used hash-set approach

Asked about machine learning algorithm(I had ML in my resume so asked )

Then asked about agile methodology

Incremental model

Heap sort

Stack and queues (LIFO AND FIFO)

Then asked what subjects i had (i gave this answer wrong i wasn’t remembering subjects that i read in sem 6)

I was selected for HR round

HR Round

HR mam asked me simple question like are you current intern in some company for which i answer yes.

Asked are you willing to relocate, CTC can be raised for you, asked have you read terms and condition

Advice : Interview is easy just be confident.

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