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TCS Interview Experience through CodeVita

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Round 1(Online Round):

Recently TCS conducted a contest named CodeVita in which we have 6 questions to solve in 6 hours. If the candidate were able to solve at least one question, received the mail for the interview.

The 6 questions were random depends on the time you started giving the test.

The questions were from the following topic Array, String, Graph, Hashing, Permutation, Geometrical problem (For example- N straight line will be given and find out the number of region will be there).

Round 2(Interview Round):

It was conducted in TCS office located in Gitanjali Park, Kolkata at 9:30 am.

There were 30 rooms. On each room, there were 2-3 interviewers.

I had a lady interviewer and a guy interviewer. The interview lasted 30-40min.

Some of the questions asked from me:-

1. Introduce Yourself.

2. Detailed Discussion on my project.

3. Tell me some of the modern technology.

4. Do you wish to relocate?

5. How can you compile python program in Linux Machine? Answer: If 2.7 then python, if python 3, python3

6. If you were given project on new technology which you don’t know, for example, .NET, how will you manage? Told answer- will learn by watching videos from the online tutorial.

7. If you are not allowed to much time then how will you manage? Told Answer- I will first see the requirement of the project and according to that will prepare myself.

8. Is this your first interview?

9. Any question you want to ask?

Some of the questions asked from my friends which I remember:-

1. Implement a stack.

2. Implement a queue.

3. Delete a node in a linked list

4. Reverse a linked list in the pair of two.

5. Print the nth Fibonacci number.

6. Print all prime number in a given range.

7. Object Oriented Concept:- Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction

8. Write a program to draw the diamond shape.

9. What are Classes and Objects?


Finally, around 15 candidates were shortlisted in my slot. We were informed that the shortlisted candidate will be informed via mail.


I would like to thank this site for my preparation. All the best. Keep on practising 🙂

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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