TCS Interview Experience through Codevita (Digital Role)

I was able to solve 3 out of 6 questions in TCS Codevita 2020 within 3 hours, So My rank was under 250. I received an email after 6-7 days of Codevita Results that I will have to face an interview with the TCS Team after just 3-4 days. 

It was an online interview and there were two technical and one manager present on the other side. 

  • TR – Technical Recruiter
  • MR – Managerial Recruiter

TR – Introduce yourself and tell me something that is not in your resume.

Me – Gave a brief intro.

TR – Explain any one of your projects 

Me – Explained.

TR – What are some programming languages in which you are comfortable?

Me – Sir, I mostly code in C++ and I have done some development projects in JavaScript so C++ and JS

TR – Ok, Then Tell me What are JRE and JVM?

Me – Shocked with the Java question but explained them.

TR – Gave me public static void main and told me to explain these 4 words

Me – Confused a bit in Access modifier and specifier but answered the rest.

TR – What is OOPS?

TR – How to create an object in Java?
TR – What is Abstraction?

TR – How to create an abstract class in java?

TR – How and where we use the final keyword in java?

TR – write an example of Abstract class with proper syntax?

TR – What are packages?

Me – I was not able to answer this

TR – What are the structures in java?

Me – Explained struct in C++. The interviewer told me that give me a clear definition in one line not in detail.

TR – Difference between ArrayList and Array in Java

TR – Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

TR – What do you want to be in the next five years a Manager or a Senior Software Developer?

Me – Senior Software Developer

Manager comes in
MR – Why you don’t want to be a manager?

Me – Explained

MR – In this digital world where technologies are changing every day? How will you survive?

Me- Explained and told him that I am ready to learn new things and I can easily switch between tech stacks and much more.

MR – Yes, This I was supposed to listen to Good Answer.

MR  – Tell me some places where you have to see TCS

MR – Do you have a passport? Have you seen TCS at the passport office?

MR – Are you OK with relocation?

MR – You were the most confident guy that I interviewed today. Keep up this confidence Best of Luck!

Verdict: Selected with Digital Offer.

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