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TCS Interview Experience | Set 31 (On Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018

Round 1:

Online Test

Conducted at SRM Bareilly. Test conducted in 3 shifts.

I was in third shift. The test comprises 4 rounds.

  1. Email Writing– Practice from . This is sufficient for email writing.
  2. Quantitative Aptitude – 20 Questions in 40 min.

Campusgate is sufficient for this . All question papers from that.

2 types question generic and niche(star mark).[18+2].

  1. Technical MCQ –             only C based output questions. Prepare from Indiabix. Focus on concept.
  2. Coding Round. –              20 min 1 question. Questions was from string to convert lowercase letters into uppercase letters.


Result- after 1 week result came. Out of 600 students from my college 50 students cleared that round. 

Round 2:

Around 500 students from Delhi NCR for the interview. There were 28 panels of tcs comprises 3 interviewer in each panel.

I go for the interview in my panel. They said Hi and me hello sir.

Then interview begins.

  1. Tell about ur educational background- explained.
  2. Tell which subject you read recently for interview – DBMS.
  3. What is DBMS.?
  4. What is advantage of DBMS?
  5. What is redundancy?
  6. How to remove redundancy?
  7. What is Normalization?
  8. Tell about normal forms?
  9. What is DDL,DML,DCL?
  10. Write Query to create a table?
  11. Copy data from one table to another table?
  12. Rate urself in JAVA?
  13. What is OOP?
  14. What is OOP Concept?
  15. Difference b/w encapsulation and data hiding.
  16. Final Keyword.
  17. Program in Java to check prime number.
  18. Program in Java to print star pattern.
  19. What is Data Structure?
  20. Stack?
  21. FIFO?
  22. b/w Array and Linked List?
  23. About Projects.
  24. Android Architecture.
  25. Android Layout.
  26. 4th year project.
  27. Condition based questions.

Round 3:

H.R. Round

  1. Tell about TCS?
  2. Tell about urself?
  3. Tell about joining location preference.

After 1 day result came. I was one among the selected students…………

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