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TCS Interview Experience | Set 30 (Pool Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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Round 1:It was the usual email writing, c MCQ, aptitude, and program writing.

Program was to take input as string and convert vowels to lower case and consonants to upper case. WITHOUT using command line .We were specified to use scanf().

Round 2: Face to Face interview 16/12/17

Total 400 students were shortlisted for pool campus interview from more than 10 colleges

We had only one round of  interview with three interviewer in the panel.It lasted about 45 mins.

One was for Technical, One Managerial, and one for HR.All three asked questions one by one.

Q1 .Tell me about yourself.

And meanwhile they go through your CV.

They ask for which language you are proficient and then it starts the technical questions round.The questions were-


Questions- 1.what is inheritance, polymorphism?

2. What is use of scanf()

3. what is a function in c?

4. write program for Fibonacci series
I was from EC so had some branch related questions.The panelist were googling some ec questions and then asking you.It was basic .They were not from ec background so you can start your answer with any details you know about it (correct) and then extend your answer.They won’t be able to make out.They just want to know the basic thing.

1.what is companding in EC?

2.what is High modulation rate?

3.What are DT signals?

Now I was asked for Manegerial round and HR alternatively.


Explain your internship project/training project and what was your role?


1.Why do you want to join TCS?

2.What details do you know about TCS? Like CEO, Employee population  , Last year turnover etc etc.

3.Are you comfortable with moving to some other city for job?

4.Why were your marks less in B.Tech as compared to your 10th and 12th.?( because mine were :p )

5.What is new in IT Industry?

6.You know the bond period?

They were trying to counter attack you in your answers and would ask you what if you get situations which was completely opposite  to why all you had said.  Then you have to respond very promptly over there . They will try to tell you you are better somewhere else but not fit for TCS, Don’t let them prove that. You give another counter statement which will support your previous answer and make them think again. SO the only thing WHICH IS BEING CHECKED IN THESE QUESTIONS WERE your  PRESENCE OF MIND  AND YOUR CONFIDENCE. BE CONFIDENT! In this interview with so many people to get interviewed THEY don’t have time to check your technical.  They are checking for Only confidence.Whatever knowledge was needed to be checked it was checked in the first online test. Only thing to be checked in face to face interview is Confidence  and presence of mind. GOOD LUCK!.

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