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TCS Interview Experience | Set 25 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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I got through four rounds of TCS campus placement.

Round 1:Aptitude test

This round was mainly of Quantitative Aptitude having topics like probability ,numbers, average & allegation mixtures,profit & loss , quant based reasoning and so on.

Round 2: Technical Round

Firstly I wished afternoon to  my interviewer.I was nervous as it was my interview experience, he made me comfortable and asked some few questions regarding my CV like branch I told him Information technology,then he asked me to define IT. Then he looked over my scores in academic he asked why the graph is like this by drawing the decreasing curve and I didn’t get he was talking about my academic scores then because the curve is decreasing. He laughed and said your academic scores then I told I was not good in computer network so I scored very low marks in that then he appreciated that u admit it weakness. After making me comfortable,he came to my favourite subjects as  I was prepared much well for DBMS. He asked me a lot of SQL query like

1. Second max salary of an employee

2. Right outer join query and tabulated output

3. Normalization definition and anomalies

4 give employee table asked some simple SQL query

I answered all the queries but while answering in the mid I was got nervous then he said take time no hurries with a very smiling face. He appreciated that you are quite good in DBMS.

He asked me to write a code for string palindrome in Java.

He asked about my summer internship, I had done my internship in Java so he asked many questions regarding Java like oops concepts, string , stack ,queues , is Java platform dependent or not, class objects, difference between C++ and Java

While interviewing he feeded all my data in his laptop.He was too impressed with my DBMS concepts.

Finally he told me any queries for me then I asked in which field I have to work then he said no specific field later on it will be decided based on your performance,  hopefully u will get selected for the next round , be prepared for the next round and suggest me to focus on ur communication . I thanked him and shook hands asked me to send the next candidate.

Round 3: Managerial Round

Firstly he asked me to introduce myself as my died of cancer he asked me a lots about my family background ,source of income, responsibilities and all.

Then he asked about curriculum activities other than academic , I answered .

Then he asked some basic questions from computer network as I said I don’t know not good in CN. He skipped it talk random be yourself  and give lots of suggestions and then asked me to leave .

Round 4: HR

As I entered the room, wished him n he asked me to sit . He looked over my CV asked to introduce myself as I said about my father he also asked source of income and about hobbies as I mentioned learning vocab he asked the recent word meaning that I had learnt.

Then  he questioned top 5 product based Indian company. Came to my weaknesses, I told him not good in English fluency he argues it’s because u belong to the city Varanasi I said no its my weakness.

He asked a question I didn’t hear it properly , I said can u please repeat he got irked he was little bit rude that time .

Anyways my overall interview was quite good and I got placed in TCS.


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