TCS Interview Experience | Set 24 (Pool Campus)

TCS organized a pool in our university on 5th Dec 2017.

The Online test comprises of 4 sections:

Round 1:  Email writing. (10 minutes)

Round 2:  Aptitude. (40 minutes 20 questions)

Round 3:  Technical Round. (20 minutes 10 questions)

Round 4:  Coding Round. (20 minutes 1 program in C language.)

The exam was conducted in three slots. The question paper was different for all slots.

Technical Round is easy. It has basic questions from C language. Enough time is there for the technical round.

The crucial part is the coding round. It has very simple programs on strings. Like convert the string to lowercase, uppercase, count vowels, etc. But their compiler is very slow. It almost took 3 minutes for the compilation of the program. So try to complete your code in the first ten minutes.


Thank you. 🙂

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