TCS Interview Experience | Set 20 (On Campus)

TCS Recruitment process contains total 2 levels.
1.Its an test of 90 mins which contains
a) Verbal Ability ( Email writing – 10 mins)
b) Quantitative Aptitude( 18 + 2* Ques – 40 mins )
c) Programming Language Concept MCQ ( 8 + 2* Ques – 20 mins )
d) Coding Proficiency ( One Coding Ques – 20 mins )
2.Technical + HR Interview

My Experience:

  • Introduce Yourself.( In Between that they can ask anything present in CV )
    ( Always be prepare what you are going to put on your CV as well as Introduction, They can ask you any time )
  • Ok apart from your studies what are your hobbies?
  • What are your favorite subjects?(for Me Programming Languages like C, Java.
  • What are the differences between C and Java??
  • What is OOPS concept??
  • What are the Features of OOPS?
  • What is Polymorphism?? ( I took help of rough paper which was present there to explain it with an example & then finally told the definition again.
  • Why you want to join TCS?
  • Suppose you have to do any project on a topic which is totally new for you then what resources is going to help you???
    suppose if you will be given a limited time to learn COBOL.then ????
  • They ask me a ques of Software engineering ( not studied yet as it was on our current sem ) so I told about it then sir started asking me question from DBMS
    (Database Management System) such as Trigger and again he came to C and asked about Pointers concept.
  • Tell me any challenging moment of your life.
  • How do you work under pressure??
  • write a code to check whether a character array is palindrome or not.
  • how will you sort a double linked list??
  • Are you ready to work at any location?, during Night Shifts??
  • How often do you go Home? because you wont be able to go home regularly after joining TCS.
  • Do you know about our service agreement ??
  • They asked me if I have Any Question to ask??
  • Madam: How can you assure that you will join our company?
    One thing I want to tell you all ” Don’t get panic about your result, just give your best in Interview and don’t argue with them”.

For first round Technical stuff (Coding and C – MCQ) you can follow SimpleWay2code .

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