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TCS Interview Experience | Set 19 (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018

TCS came in our university and I had participated in this campus recruitment. There was 3 round in process.

Round 1 –
This round consists of written Test and question paper were consist :

    1. Email Writing : You have to write an email in 10 minutes. Make sure you use all the words. There is no negative marking, so try to write email as fast as possible. In my test the email was to write an email to a company to come to the campus for hiring students.
    2. Quantitative ability : This round comprises of 20 questions. J The time duration of this is 40 minutes.
    3. Programming language efficiency : This round comprise of 10 Basic C questions to be solved in 20 minutes. Read all the basic C questions of geeks for geeks and this round can be easily cleared.
    4. Coding round : This round is of 20 minutes and you have to write and run a simple C program using Command line arguments. In my test, the questions was to print nth term of Fibonacci series.

Out of  300, 116 students cleared the test, and I was one of them.

Round 2 –

1)Tell Me about Yourself

I have mentioned 2 project on my CV so questions were asked only from my project. Some of my friend do not have any project so they were asked OS, DBMS questions.

Round 3 (Hr Round) –

First question was tell me about yourself. In this round hr also asked me about my project. Long discussion on my project. Then he asked me why should I hire you. He told me about my work to be done at TCS and asked about my interest .

Finally they select 69 out of which I was one of them.

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