TCS Interview Experience | Set 18 (On-Campus)

TCS came in our university on 27 and 28 December and I had participated in this campus recruitment. There was 3 round in process.

This round consists of written Test and question paper were consist :

  1. Email Writing : You have to write an email in 10 minutes. Make sure you use all the words. There is no negative marking, so try to write email as fast as possible. In my test the email from previous year was repeated. So, try to read all the previous year emails.
  2. Quantitative ability : This round comprises of 20 questions. Just go through the last year questions. Once you revised all tricks of previous year questions, you’ll be able to crack this round. The time duration of this is 40 minutes.
  3. Programming language efficiency : This round comprise of 10 Basic C questions to be solved in 20 minutes. Read all the basic C questions of geeks for geeks and this round can be easily cleared. In my test some of the questions were : What is ftell? (4 options were given), What is memory leak?, A strcpy question (I remember only these few).
  4. Coding round : This round is of 20 minutes and you have to write and run a simple C program using Command line arguments. In my test, the questions was for hypotenuse (use the simple formula).
  5. Out of 150, 89 students cleared the test, and I was one of them.

    ROUND 2 –
    This was Technical round. The questions were :

    • Introduce yourself.
    • Why you choose to do M.Tech.
    • What is static variable?
    • What are pre-processor directives?
    • What are style sheets?
    • What is the linking tag in HTML?
    • What is Waterfall model?
    • How to call a constructor using another constructor? (using super keyword).
    • What is OOPS?
    • What are the advantages of OOPS (polymorphism, dynamic binding, inheritance, class, object, message passing).
    • What is polymorphism?
    • What is Cloud computing?
    • What is IOT?
    • What is big data?

    I remember only these. I cleared this round.

    Round 3 –
    This was HR round. The questions were :

    • Introduce yourself.
    • Can you relocate?
    • Can you work in shifts?
    • What is that quality in you that differs you from others?
    • What is your Long term and short term goals?
    • What is Mr. Modi is doing or has done in past months?
    • Who is the president of India?
    • How is the dean of your university and his qualifications?
    • Current news in Delhi.
    • Current news in India.
    • If I shoot you with 2 guns, what is the probability of you dying?

    So, I cleared this round as well and got selected. This is my interview experience in TCS. Best wishes!!

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