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TCS Interview Experience | Set 14

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Round 1:  The written exam is conducted in the TCS software called Touch Stone

The written test consists of  4 sub rounds.

1. Email Writing: We need to write an email in 10 min by using the given keywords ,not less than 60 words.

2.  Appitude test : This is the one of the diificult round in TCS.They have given 20 questions and there is negative marking for wrong answers.

3.Coding Appitude : This sub round consists of  multiple choice questions on C language and most of the questions are theoritical . There is a negative marking for this round too.

4.Program:They will give a program and we need to write the code for the program in c language using command line arguments.The program given to me is area of a triangle.

Round 2:

Nearly 900 people has attended the first round and 400 people has cleared that first round.

TR ,HR ,MR are conducted in the same panel with the group of 3

Question 1: Introduce yourself?

Question 2: They interrupted me while introducing myself and they asked about the projects?- I had explained the projects I had done.

Question 3: When did you started your github account?(since I mentioned my github link in my resume)

Question 4: What are the technologies you have used?

Question 5: Why are you interested in doing this particular project only?

Question 6: Do you have any live implementation of your projects? – I have provided them the url

Question 7: How do you implement the timer in php?

—- The interviewer has given few suggestions in implementing the project further—

Question 8: He asked some questions on java OOPS conceps

Question 9: What is your Eamcet Rank?

Question 10: Tell me about your family Background?

Question 11: What do you know about TCS?

Question 12: Queries in SQL

Question 13: Do you have any doubts?( I simply said NO)

The interview went for 45 min… Finally I got selected in TCS. 201 members are selected from my college.

NOTE: Don’t try to bluff the interviewer .Be confident with your resume.

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Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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