TCS Interview Experience | On July 10th

Round 1: 

Like every year, this year also TCS visited our campus for the on-campus recruitment drive. It was informed by our TPO regarding the company’s eligibility criteria and process. The interview comprised of three levels, namely, written round, technical round, and the HR round. Only if I was able to clear the written round, I could appear for the next round.

Round 2:

My written round was further divided into four sections, namely English, Quantitative aptitude, Programming concept, and Coding. Most of the questions were repeated from PrepInsta and programming question also infact same ditto. Each section was allotted with the particular time frame and came with a defined set of questions.

• English: Number of questions (15), time limit (10 mins)
• Quantitative Aptitude: Number of questions (15), time limit (30 mins)
• Programming Concept: Number of questions (10), time limit (20 mins)
• Coding: Number of questions (1), time limit (30 mins)

Round 3:

After the written test, the second was the technical interview round in which the interviewer asked me questions related to my technical skills. This round included two interviews: TCS Ninja and TCS digital. The TCS Ninja interview lasted for 25 minutes and included questions on programming concepts and my final year project such as:
• Difference between array and pointer.
• What is the concept of object-oriented programming?
• What are C and C++?
• What was your role in the final year project?
• What difficulties you have faced in completing the project?

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