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TCS Interview Experience | (Off-Campus through CodeVita)

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DATE 25/08/2018,                  TIME 9:30 AM

I solved 2 problems in CodeVita 2018. So I was directly called for interviews trespassing all intermediate rounds.

First, all candidates.

There were nearly 100 students out which I was only one from my college. The process started at 10 PM first all candidates check in to the venue and after 1 hr I was called for an Interview. as before me, 4 candidates were already done with their technical round in which the only one was selected for next round.

My Interview in details:-

In my interview panel there was only one interviewer at that time and then he told me to introduce myself told with elegance.

after this question, he asked me that what you have learned from CODEVITA.

-I told it with a giving example of my problem in numbers which I have solved in CODEVITA.

after that, he  asks me in which language you have coded

– told in java

after that, he started to cross questioning to me on my problems like what your class name how many packages you have imported and all this kinda thing
-I told him in a very good manner

after that one more interviewer joined. (I was not aware that he is MR interviewer.)

-then  they both fired  questions on java related like oops with real-world example and some complex question on thread and file reading and some core concept question

-as I have got mastery on that I  told them all answer correctly with examples.

and after I2(MR INTER.) asked me why we have programming languages in real life?

-told him with giving him the example of the English language.

and after that I2 asked me about the machine how they understand our programming languages.

-told him with giving him an explanation about predefined function and keywords that compiler know and then compiler convert all these literals to assembly language. (he was quite impressed after listening to my  answer)

after I2 asked me some facts about TCS and then he asked how many employees we have and what is going on currently on TCS. then why you want to join the TCS

-as i was aware of TCS digital. I  gave them some facts like there products name and the current technology they are working in currently. as I was good at web development as well as app development so told them that I know many new technologies like CLOUD, AI, MACHINE LEARNING.


after this, I was told to wait in the hall for HR ROUND  actually I have cleared both the round TECH INTEREVIEW+MR ROUND.


after this waiting  45min, HR ROUND  started and that HR ROUND  was the most difficult part for me as I don’t have good communication skills and  HR was also very strict in nature and also he was asking questions very frequently he was trying to confuse me. but I still manage to talk to him and answered his questions and after 20 min he told me that we are done with the interview you are done for the day. (questions  about Job, breaking bond, policy, comfortable with relocation etc)

Conclusion –

try to answer all question try to put a good smile on faces and be genuine with resume if you don’t know the answer just tell them I don’t know. Dress properly. try to find all facts about TCS DIGITAL before going to interview. and get master on anyone programming languages.


Results- Waiting for the results.

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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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