TCS Interview Experience | (Off-campus through Codevita 2019 – Zone 2)

Round 1 – Online Coding Test
I have solved 5 questions out 6 and secured 49th rank.
Got selected for direct interview.

Round 2 – Online Technical Interview
There are two panelist and out of which only one is asking questions.
Questions are:-

X – Hello Yash
Me – Good afternoon sir.

X – Do you remember the names of programs that you have solved?
Me – Answer the questions, with names of all 5 questions and also that 1 question that I haven’t solved.

X – Can you tell me how do you solve this questions?
Me – Explained them.

X – So, with what language are you comfortable?
Me – Answer him.

X – Ok, we’ll start with C++? (I mention that I’m comfortable with C++)
Me – Answer 2 out of 3 questions.

X – What do you rate yourself in Java?
Me – Answer him.

X – Have you worked with any web technology?
Me – Yes, Angular and Nodejs

(He started questions regarding Angular, I was sure about Angular, you should tell only those technologies for which you are comfortable and able to answer.)

X – What is the current version of angular?
Me – I told him version 8.

X – How to create component in angular?
Me – Told him that there 2 ways of creating component and explained then how.

X – What are the advantages and disadvantages of Angular?
Me – Explained them.

X – Then he asked me about my projects.
Me – I explained him.

X – We’re good, now you can proceed to HR.
Me – Good day sir.

(I have successfully cleared the technical round)

Round 3 – HR Interview
There is only 1 panelist for HR interview.
He asked me question like rapid fire, one after the another.

X – Put forward your views about Cast System.

X – Start speaking about Air Pollution.

X – What is Blockchain?

X – What is Chatbot?

X – How do you rate yourself in English?

X – What is your chances of getting this job?

X – Why you want to join TCS?

X – Are you ok with night shift?

X – Are you comfortable with relocation and your parents are comfortable too?

Now the interview is over and he asked me that – Do you want to ask something?
I asked one question then he told me we’ill let you know the results in 2 to 3 weeks.

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