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TCS Interview experience – Off campus drive via NQT
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2018

I had written the National qualifier test(NQT) conducted on 2nd September 2018 and I got a mail saying I had qualified the test. Later, I got the mail with the interview details on 28th September saying it was scheduled on 7th October at MGIT, Hyderabad(Well, this gave me a lot of time for preparation).

On the day of my interview I wore formals and reached 2 hours before the schedule time i.e. 2:30 PM. There were a lot of girl students coming out as they had their interviews scheduled in the morning. I was very calm and tried to recollect what ever I had prepared (I didn’t take carry study material with me). Then all the students were made to sit in a classroom on 2nd floor and the students were called one by one alphabetically. My turn came up and I went downstairs to 1st floor and was seated in a chair. I waited for about 30 more minutes before my name was called. Finally, my name was called and I walked in.

Technical Round:

There were two panel members, a lady(P1) and a gentleman (P2).

Me while entering the room “good afternoon sir”.

P1 & P2: Good afternoon have a seat.

P2: Introduce yourself along with your family background.

Me: Answered

P1: So are you a CSE graduate?

Me: Yes ma’am

P1 to P2: Shall we start sir?

P2 to P1: Sure ma’am.

P1 to P2: Ok you start sir.

P2 to me: Write a C program to implement a calculator with two operations.

Me: I used switch case and wrote the program to solve it.

P2(after going through my program): Ok, what is a an array?

Me: Answered

P2: What is a structure?

Me: Answered

P2: What is Union?

Me: Answered giving the same definition as that of structure

P2 immediately: Then what is the difference between these two?

Me: Answered saying difference comes in the memory allocation.

P2: Ok, what is a tree?

Me: Took some time and answered in my own words.

P1: Ok so you have mentioned Java in your resume right?

Me: Yes ma’am

P1: Ok then write a Java program to check if a number is prime or not.

Me: Wrote the program.

P1: Everything with your program is ok, but is there anything you can improve in it?

Me thinking hard: Finally understood what P1 was thinking. I immediately changed the part of “for loop” to reduce the number of iterations.

P1: Good! Ok, what are OOPS concepts?

Me: Answered

P1: Ok, explain me about your project.

Me: Explained my Android application with a UML diagram.

P1 to P2: Ok sir I’m done.

P2 to me: What are DDL, DML and DCL commands in mySQL?

Me: Answered

P1 and P2: Ok go ahead for the HR round!

Me: Thank you!

Technical Round done(Took me 35 min.)! TR and HR were conducted separately. Students who couldn’t perform well in TR were directly sent home. I was very fortunate to clear it.

Waited for 15 min. for HR round. Finally, it was my turn.

Me while getting in: Good afternoon sir!

HR: Good afternoon!

For 2 min. he was looking into his laptop. I was patiently waiting. Then..

HR: Do you have any relocation constraints?

Me: No sir I’ll work anywhere in India.

HR: Ok, why is there a dip in your B.Tech percentage?

Me: Answered

HR: Any gaps or backlogs?

Me: Yes sir I have 1 active backlog

HR: Which sem and which subject?

Me: Introduction to analytics in 3-2.

HR: Why couldn’t you clear it?

Me: Answered

HR not convinced: Hmmm, ok how do you classify IT industry?

Me: Into service based and product based companies.

HR: Good, what does TCS come under?

Me: Service based company

HR: Ok, what does TCS do?

Me: Work on outsourced projects.

HR laughing: Not only TCS every company does that.

Me smiling: Oh, ok sir.

HR: Any questions?

Me: Yes and asked a question.

HR gave a vauge answer.

HR round done!

Got mail with offer letter attached in 2 days!

All the best guys!!!

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