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TCS Interview Experience (National Qualifier Test 2020)
  • Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2021

Round 1 (Online Test): The online test was a 3-hour test. The test was divided into four sections:

Numerical AbilityLogical ReasoningVerbal abilityProgramming (MCQ+Coding) Marks
60060060060Maximum Marks
26-Q30-Q24-Q10-mcq+2-CodingNum. of Questions 
40-min50-min30-min15-min+30-minTime given

Note: No negative Marking.

Approx After one-month notification for selection for next round.

Round 2 (F2F): In this round, there are 3-panels (Technical+Managerial+HR) 

I am waiting for panels because my time interview time is 12:25 but the panel was not accepting my request after 30-40 min panel is accepted my request the platform is Cisco Webex.

Firstly one-panel check to my Aadhar Card or any government ID after the verification he asked to me are you are full-fill the criteria of your academic 60% or not.

I answered

Yes then the panel was asked next question do you have any problem with your re-location?

The second panel(Managerial) came: 

  1. Question:  introduce yourself.
  2. Question: Explain your project.
  3. Question: How many members in your project and what’s your role in your project.

after 10min technical round 

The third panel(Technical) came: 

  1. Question: Which language you comfortable.
  2. Question: Difference between C++ and Java.
  3. Question: What is Polymorphism Explain.
  4. Question: Features of Java and Java is better than C++? and why.
  5. Question: What is friend function in C++.
  6. Question: What is encapsulation in java with example.

Question: Do you know about data structure and algorithm. The panel gives me DS questions and asked to give the solution into 4-way. 

Question: Given a string can you find the character is present or not.


Final Result: selected

Thank you soo much GeeksforGeeks for helping us.

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