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TCS Interview Experience for ReactJS Developer ( 3-6 Years Experienced)

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  • Last Updated : 27 Jun, 2022

Hey everyone, today I am going to share my complete interview experience with TCS. I got a call from the TCS recruiter for React JS profile in June 2022. They gathered a couple of details from me including Current CTC and expected CTC. After this, an interview was scheduled for 1 week. Earlier they told me that interview would be for 1 hour (having both Technical + Managerial). The interview was scheduled for Noon. The interviewer told me that only technical would be done, and managerial would be done on Monday.

The interview started and lasted for around 30-35 minutes with the following questions:-

General questions 

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Relevant experience in React
  • Other frameworks you know
  • Tell me about your current project and your role.

Technical Questions

  • Version of react you are using
  • States in react, State mutation, useEffect hook, 
  • Scenario-based question where I needed to explain the design setup. The scenario was of a loan management system for users. The first screen would be the login page. On successful login, the new page should display three vertical sections adjacent to each other. All sections would fetch data from API. The first section was user details, the second section was loan details, and the third section was next repayment time information. At the bottom, there was a button that will redirect the user to the Loan Types page which would show all different loan schemes ( this is an unsecured page, accessible by anyone)
  • Have you worked on redux
  • What is the flow of redux.
  • Arrow function
  • Spread Vs rest operator.

Now the time came for the Managerial round. After the start of the call, they took a group photo with me, HR, the technical interviewer, and the manager (Not because they liked me, but because it’s a mandatory practice in TCS interviews)

This round lasted for 10-15 minutes. The manager asked the below questions:-

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why are you leaving your current company. If you are already working in a very big MNC, then why TCS. ( I mentioned that I am looking for a change due to the end of the project and am not able to find the right project. Also salary ????)
  • You worked on agile or waterfall methodology.
  • Ready to relocate
  • Notice period.

After 24 hours, the next day afternoon I got a mail that the interview has been cleared, upload the documents on TCS I began the portal at the earliest. The next day I got a call from HR, he asked about my current CTC and expected CTC.

Once again I asked him if then can give me at least a 50-60 percent hike. 

I rejected the offer.

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