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TCS Interview Experience for fresher(Off-Campus Drive)

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Tata Consultancy Company: Tata Consulting Services is India’s leading company servicing in the field of consultancy and providing business solutions to organization that helps to simplify, strength, and transform their business. The company headquarters in Mumbai represents 146 nationalities across 46 countries.

Eligibility for Recruitment Process: In order to have eligibility to secure a position as an executive in TCS 60% in a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with no backlog. The career gap up to 2 years can be permitted.

I was interviewed through the off-campus drive at TCS-Lucknow and was selected for the post of a software developer. After applying to the recruitment online the interview was scheduled at the batch morning had reporting time at 9 am. I reached the office half an hour before, there were around 2000 students waiting for there document verification in the row.

There were 4 stages in the recruitment process-

  • Orientation Session
  • Aptitude Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Describing in detail mentioned below:

In orientation session one of the renowned people of TCS selection team introduce us to the objectives, goal, and policies of the company and expectation in the upcoming year. He also elaborated on our roles and responsibility when we join the company to serve various recruitment posts.

After the brief introduction, we were shifted to the hall for further proceedings for selection.

Aptitude Test: There were general reasoning and numerical objective type questions on the concept such as time and work,coding-Decoding, time and distance, mathematical reasoning to test numerical and calculation skills under stipulated time. The shortlisted candidates proceed for the next technical interview round.

Technical Interview: Different subsections were allocated to take the interview as the number of candidates can be interviewed paralleled to save time. I was interviewed by madam working at the company and asked the following questions.

  • What are the subjects you like in computer science?
  • What is your preferred programming language and why? She also asked about my final project in bachelors
  • Write a program of recursion for determining factorial of a number entered by the customer.
  • Difference between Process and Thread.
  • what is called by value and call by reference in c++?
  • What was my role in the final year project and its functioning and objectives?

This Interview scheduled about 15 minutes, and I was instructed to wait outside for results. The results got declared, and I was in the list of selected candidates joining for the next stage.

HR Interview: After waiting for some time I represented myself in front of the interview panel. The Sir was reading quickly my curriculum vitae when I was sitting in front and then encountered questions mentioned below.

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Why should we hire you and why you want to join TCS?
  3. What is the one word that describes yourself?
  4. What you know about TCS.
  5. What are your salary expectations and do you able to allocate yourself to different places in order to serve the company?

After my reply with a genuine smile, he said you may leave now keep checking your email to get information about the call letter.

This was my interview to get over successfully.

Dear readers, I just want to say you can crack interviews successfully through the right approach in preparation. The interview is a challenge that you can conquer with the strategy and a positive mindset. Prepare well and secure your dream job at this multinational company.

Hope this article helped you.Best wishes to all your future endeavors.

Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020
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