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TCS Interview Experience | Codevita Season-9 2020

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 I solved 2 questions in Codevita Season 9 .1st one was simply based on implementation and the 2nd one was based on graph theory. Results were announced on 1st September and I got rank around 3500. My Interview was scheduled for 16th September 2020 at 2:00 pm. I got the date and time just two days before, so I have to prepare for an interview in just 2 days. Due to the Covid-19 scenario, the process was virtually conducted on their own platform I think they have created it, especially for interview purposes. They have provided the interview link as well as the lobby link(Webex link) so we have to join the lobby half hour before the interview time and then the coordinator asks us to join the meeting link when the panel asks them for the next candidate.

There were 3 panelists one Technical(TR), one Managerial(MR), and HR.

P1: Introduce yourself and also tell us why do you want to join TCS?

Me: (I have prepared well for this question) answered well !!

P1: How was your Codevita? have you prepared for it? How is your lockdown time going on?

Me: answered.

P2: In which language you have written Code in Codevita?

Me: C and C++.

P2: I can see you have mentioned about JAVA in your resume so tell me about the method overriding and method overloading?

Me: Explained.

P2: Tell me the output of the following program.


class Test {
   static int i=10;
   public static void main (String[] args) {
   Test t=new Test();  

Me: Explained.

P2: which language do you use most JAVA or C/C++? Why?

Me: I answered that for coding/problem-solving purposes I use C/C++ and when I required to use OOPS concepts then I go with JAVA.(I  explained why JAVA is better for OOPS concepts than C++).

P2: Why multiple inheritance is not there in JAVA and why it is in C++?

Me: Explained.

P2: some basic questions on JAVASCRIPT and on the projects that I have mentioned in my Resume.

Me: Answered well !!

P2: Difference between Stack and Queue and tell me about PUSH and POP operation.

Me: Explained with a real-world example.

P2: since you have not mentioned Python in your resume I assume that you do not know about Python then what will you do if we give you a project based on ML/AL.

Me: (I was not expecting this type of question. I took some time to prepare the answer) Sir, as we all know that python is the easiest language compared to JAVA, C, C++ and I already know the OOPS concepts so it will hardly take 2-3 days at max to learn Python so will learn it and will give my 100% in that given project.

(Panelists were impressed by this answer!!)

P3: suppose you are working with the team and you and your teammates want to use a different approach for the given project. So, what will you do? Will you convince them to use your approach your will you switch to their approach?

Me: First, I will discuss it with them. if my approach is better then I will try to convince them because at the end quality of the project matters and if their approach is better then I will switch.

P1: Do you have any problem with night shifts and reallocation?

Me: I said NO.

P1: Do you have any questions for us?

Me: I said NO.

After 20 days I got selection mail for ninja offer.

The total interview process lasted for around 50-55 mins. Hope this helps you in clearing your interview. Thank You 🙂

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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