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TCS Interview Experience – Codevita 2019

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022

TCS organizes an online coding competition every year, named TCS Codevita. If you qualify in the first round, you will be invited for an interview in their office.

Generally, if someone solves at least one question, he or she will get an interview call from TCS.  

They offer both TCS Ninja (around 3.5 lpa) and TCS Digital (around 7 lpa) offers to the candidates depending on their rank in Codevita and their interview results.  

Let’s jump into my overall experience.

Online Round

I appeared in Codevita 2019 and solved 2 problems. Both of the problems were so easy and straightforward.

First problem was, finding kth permutation of a String, I guess.

Second problem was Diophantine Equation related problem.

Thus, I was invited for interview in their office in Gitanjali Park, Kolkata.


First, we had to submit our marksheets etc. and then we were called one by one. After waiting for 7 to 8 hours, my name was called at 6pm nearly.  

There were two interviewers.  

Me: Good Evening Sir.

They: Yes. Good Evening. Please take a sit.

Me: Thank you Sir.

The Interviewer 1 had my CV in hand, so he began to ask things from there.

Interviewer 1: So, you have written about Web Development Projects. So, what did you develop?

Me: Sir, I developed a website for my Uncle who is a Professional Bird Breeder using HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP and MySQL.  

Then he began to ask some questions from web development.

Interviewer 1: Can you store data using HTML?

Me: Sir, we have to use some programing language like JS to handle data.  

I didn’t know about HTML5 features at that time.

Interviewer 1: But in HTML5, you can also store data in localStorage only with HTML. You have written JQuery. How do you hide any HTML element using JQuery.

Me: Answered well.

Interviewer 1: You have written AJAX here. What is AJAX.

Me: Sir, its full form is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is used to fetch data from server asynchronously. It is a beautiful thing to get data from server without refreshing the page.

Interviewer 1: Great.

Now, Interviewer 2 began to ask some questions.

Interviewer 2: So, you have written about so many projects like Image Recognition, Chatbot using TensorFlow etc.  

Me: Yes Sir.

Actually, he didn’t ask anything technical. He was testing my presence of mind may be. He asked me if I ask you to implement new technology in your project, how will you do that?

I was thinking he wants me to tell about any Software Life cycle Model. So, I said we should use Agile etc.

Though he said at last, you have to learn the technology.  

Then, I said, yes, we should learn everything from basics if we want to excel in that field.

Thus, the interview came to end. They said you will be informed through mail about your results.


I was placed in TCS Ninja.


 Try to prepare with basic coding and algorithms before 2 months of Codevita contest. Try to find the problems you can solve easily in the contest as some are very easy some are very tough. It also depends on personal skill sets. Solve one or two problems and you will get the interview call.  

For Interview be prepared with the technologies you have written in your CV. Basic OOPs, DBMS knowledge is good as some of the candidates were also asked these questions.  

And at last, be confident every time.

Best of luck.

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