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TCS Interview Experience | Campus Placement for Software Engineer

  • Last Updated : 26 May, 2020

I had been doing content writing internships before my final year placements started and developing the technical skills on the side. I had faced and cleared many interviews for content writing internships but not any technical ones. 

So the company was TCS and the recruitment was through Codevita – 2019. 

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  • Round 1 was online coding contest in the month of June. And those students who cleared more than 1 question there, were called for the interview.
  • Round 2 was Technical Round which they held in the month of July.

So, this was going to be my first technical interview for the post of Software Engineer and I really wanted to be selected. I had prepared everything possible, a professional resume, all recently asked questions and all the projects that I had made. 

I reached the centre 1 hour early and was waiting for my turn with other candidates from various colleges. They called me and I went in with loads of nervousness. I greeted the panel and took seat when they asked me to. Then they took a keen look at my resume and asked me question regarding python and my projects in machine learning. They also asked questions from java and object oriented programming. Some questions that I remember: 

  1. What is _init_?
  2. Difference between range and xrange?
  3. A project I made in Machine Learning- Sentiment Analysis.
  4. What is Interface?
  5. About threads and multi threads
  6. Can a constructor be made final?

There were 1 or 2 more maybe, and I answered most of them efficiently. After that, they asked me suddenly why do you want to join TCS when you are more inclined towards ML (since the application of ML in TCS was very low). I answered them that I am proficient in java as well, for the work in TCS. And since ML is future I can add to the value then by becoming an adaptive employee. Their expressions were strange and I was not able read them. They thanked me and the coordinator outside asked me to wait in the waiting room with other candidates. While I was there I was almost convinced that they are not going to select me due to difference in requirements. 

They were sending the candidates back home if they are not selected in this round, but call them for HR round if they are selected. So after waiting for about 30 minutes they called my name for HR round. I was very happy. 

  • Round 3 was HR Round, which I believe is my strong point.

So they asked me to introduce myself and asked questions regarding relocation and hobbies. And soon the interview was over. 

The coordinator outside told me that I am done for the day and will be communicated later for the results. 

After a month when results were in, I had the name in the selected candidates list. And there I had my first placement offer in my first attempt for technical.

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