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TCS Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 20 Jan, 2020

Round 1: Technical Round

My name was called finally, so many thoughts were running in my mind I entered the room.

Me: Good Morning Sir.

TR Person: Good Morning!! Take your seat…your resume!!

Me:(I handover-ed him my resume).

TR Person: He gone through my resume and asked me so you know python, java, c++.

Me: Yes sir.

TR Person: Write me a program to convert a number to binary format.

Me: I wrote the code and showed to him.

TR Person: He asked me to explain my code.

Me: I explained him my code.

TR Person: Say me something about Lambda function in python.

Me: I said whatever I knew  about Lambda function.

TR Person: What is the default datatype in Python.

Me: String sir.

TR Person: Are you sure??(He asked me for several times).

Me: Yes sir.(I never changed my answer)

TR Person: Swapping of two numbers in python with using any temporary variables.

Me: Wrote two codes.

TR Person: Asked me to wait for MR round.


Round 2: MR Round

Me: Good Morning Sir!!

MR Person: Good Morning!! Take your seat.

Me: He asked my resume. I gave him.

MR Person: He checked my resume and asked about my projects(I did 9 Android projects in 300 hrs and I was certified as Android Nano degree holder) and asked me to write a code to convert binary number to decimal number.

Me: I wrote the code while i was writing the code he asked me questions like which college I came from, about my family background and about my hackathon’s where my team won as winner and about other hackathon’s I’ve attended .

MR Person: You are like very studios and asked me why I did not launch my apps in google play store.

Me: I said him the reason.

MR Person: Do you have any questions?

Me: Sir you look so senior and how you are able to balance your personal and professional life.

MR Person:  (Gave very pleasant smile) he said what he had done to come to that position and his family supported him.

This MR sir is very friendly and encouraging.


Round 3:HR Round

Me: Good Afternoon Sir.

HR Person: Good Afternoon!! Take your seat…Your resume.

Me: I gave him.

HR Person: He checked my resume and asked about my projects in shock that I completed 9 Android projects in 300 hrs. He asked me for about 5-8 times that I did those projects.

Me: Yes sir…

HR Person: Then take your resume back you got selected(with smiling face).

Me: I was in cloud nine and I’m not understanding what to do, whether to take back my resume or not then when I was about to take my resume he asked me everything about my projects and opened my certificate and also asked about my hackathon’s  project where my team are winners that project was done using IoT.

HR Person: What is the difference between Service based and Product based companies? what do you meant by IT sector?

ME: I said whatever I knew.

HR Person: Do you have any question?

Me: Are they any improvements required to do?

HR Person:He gave me advises to concentrate more on booming industries like ML, AI, Big Data.

Pro Tip:

  •  Be confident in what ever you are saying. Support your answer even though it is wrong.
  •  Be prepared with at least one project on your own.
  •  If you don’t have any project be prepared with your academic project outline, so that you will be able to say something rather than staying idle.
  • Be more careful and patience while answering.
  • Always try to smile while answering.

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